Minor in Communication Studies

Program Description

The Department of Communication Studies offers an 18 credit (six course) Minor in Communication Studies. Many students pursuing B.A. and B.S. degrees offered by other departments choose to minor in Communication Studies.

Requirements and Courses

Lower division core

To complete the Minor in Communication Studies, students first must successfully complete the three prerequisite courses in our lower division core: COM 209 (Principles and Practice of Public Speaking) and COM 211 (Communication Literacy and Inquiry). Students must earn a grade of C or better in each of these courses.

Honors College majors and minors may substitute HON 211 for COM 209 and HON 313 for COM 211.

Communication theory requirement

Students must select at least one class from the following: COM 213 (Public Communication), COM 214 (Relational Communication), or COM 215 (Organizational Communication).

Upper division electives

In addition to completing the Communication Minor Core and the Communication Minor Theory Requirement, students must complete three additional 200- or 300-level courses. Again, a grade of C or better must be earned in each of these courses, and a 2.5 average must be achieved in the minor before clearance for graduation with the minor will be granted.


Students who wish to minor in communication studies must first gain admission to the minor as indicated in "Program Admission Requirements," by first completing the Communication Studies Core. Students are also required to earn a grade of C or better in WRT 120 and the 200-level composition course (WRT 200, WRT 204, WRT 205, WRT 206, WRT 208, or WRT 220).

Program Contacts

Department Chair: Lisa Millhous lmillhous@wcupa.edu 610-436-2500

Program Faculty

Our faculty are accomplished experts in various communication specialties. In addition to teaching and research, many are actively involved in communication industries. Meet our faculty.

How to declare a COM minor

To declare a COM minor, visit MyWCU and submit an Academic Plan Change Request.