The Masculinity Project

The Masculinity Project challenges men to examine what it means to be a man in today’s society and redefine masculinity. Additionally, we are committed to mobilizing the men of West Chester University to take an active role in ending sexual and gender based violence.


  • Create and maintain a safe space to discuss issues of masculinity
  • Recognize misconceptions regarding masculinity and promote a healthier concept of masculinity.
  • Engage men as partners in the prevention of power based violence
  • Support women and men in prevention related efforts
  • Improve campus climate through the prevention of gendered violence


Can only men participate in The Masculinity Project?

While the group was created with men in mind, the answer is no. We encourage all genders to participate in our programming to encourage everyone to work together in creating a safer and more equal campus climate.

Why do we need a “Center for Women and Gender Equity”?

It can feel awkward and uncomfortable to enter the Center for Women and Gender Equity. Most men have that reaction and there’s good reason for it. In the United States, men grow up in a culture built for men, by men. If you think about your favorite space, the parts that make you feel comfortable are most likely “male” things if you are a cis-gender male. We continue to be taught that certain spaces and things are created for men.

But, what about spaces for women? Aside from clothing stores, it can be hard to come up with spaces designed specifically with women in mind. The Center for Women and Gender Equity is space designed to be supportive and comfortable for women. A place that puts the needs of women first. As a man, it may be uncomfortable to come into our space at first but give it a try! We know you will have a good experience and learn a lot about yourself.

How do I get involved?

The Masculinity Project is not a club. The Center for Women and Gender Equity creates programming around masculinity and hosts events and workshops. If you are part of a student organization or a faculty member interested in programming, please fill out the program request form. The office also hosts events on campus that cover the topic of masculinity. 

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