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“Don't be in a hurry to condemn because [they] don’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today.”

- Malcolm X

Welcome to the educational resource page created by our office to serve as a space for learning. Please browse through the resources provided below to raise your awareness, knowledge, and skills. Please contact us via the chat feature (located in the bottom right) or email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Center for Women & Gender Equity's Library

The Center for Women & Gender Equity has a number of books available for students to reserve on topics such as: (1) Trans Inclusivity, (2) Feminism, (3) Masculinity, (4) Gender Studies, (5) Sexism, (6) Ethnicity, (7) Race, (8) Body Image, (9) Women's Health, (10) Sexual Health, and more! Our library has over 150 books.

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Establishing Boundaries

Power & Control

Understanding Consent

Self-Paced Courses:

Self-Paced Courses:

Self-Paced Courses:

  • Justice by Harvard University
    • "Taught by lauded Harvard professor Michael Sandel, Justice explores critical analysis of classical and contemporary theories of justice, including discussion of present-day applications. Topics include affirmative action, income distribution, same-sex marriage, the role of markets, debates about rights (human rights and property rights), arguments for and against equality, dilemmas of loyalty in public and private life. The course invites learners to subject their own views on these controversies to critical examination."
  • Love as a Force for Social Justice by Stanford University
    • "This course will explore the concept of agape love (compassion/kindness) as a force for social justice and action and as the inspiration for service and the application of knowledge to positive social change. Biological, psychological, religious, and social perspectives of love will be discussed, drawing on the expertise of people from a variety of disciplines." 
  • Environmental Justice by Future Learn
    • "Understand how climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation affect people, exploring justice in environment management."

2020 Ruby Jones Conference Sessions

Racism & Anti-Immigration Policies in the U.S.

Dr. Angela Davis


 Additional Educational Resources

Preventing Violence 

  • Men Can Stop Rape
    • Men Can Stop Rape’s mission is to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women
  • One in Four
    • One in Four is non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of rape by the thoughtful application of theory and research to rape prevention programming
  • Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Resources to Support Survivors in Your Life

  • Support for Partners
    • It is important for partners of survivors to have support; Support for Partners is a great resource for partners of sexual assault and abuse
  • If She is Raped: A Guidebook for Husbands, Fathers, and Male Friends
    • Author: Alen McEvoy, Jeff Bookings
    • ISBN: 978-1556911996

Books on Masculinity


  • Men's Work: How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart
    • Author: Paul Kivel
  • The Guy's Guides to Feminism
    • Author: Michael Kaufman, Michael Kimmel
  • Guyland
    • Author: Michael Kimmel
  • The Guide to Getting it On
    • Author: Paul Joannides
    • ISBN: 978-1885535337
  • You Ought To Know: A Guy's Guide to Sex
    • Author: Bill Kelly
    • ISBN: 978-0823930845
  • Yes Means Yes
    • Author: Friedman, Valenti
  • Gender Outlaw>
    • Author: Kate Bornstein
  • Feminism Is For Everybody
    • Author: Bell Hooks
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