Vendor Policy

The following are guidelines that are applicable to outside vendors selling items on University property: Please see all policies and procedures here:

  1. Outside vendors may request table space for sales through the Sykes Union Office in 105 Sykes Union. A formal application is required which is then reviewed by Sykes Union administration for compliance with the Vendor Policy. To rent a table, vendors are charged a fee that must be paid prior to set up.
  2. Student and other University organizations can still sell items directly for their group’s fund-raising efforts (e.g., bake sale, Valentine Day flowers, candy sale) through appropriate approval procedures, but cannot sponsor an outside vendor on campus and receive a percentage of the company’s profits. The reason for this restrictive policy is that outside vendors, for legal reasons, need to be approved and screened for proper Tax ID numbers, legitimacy of the goods they are selling, and general use of University property. We have also been advised that taking percentages of sales is not appropriate because the money a vendor makes cannot be verified. These reasons make it necessary that this type of activity be strictly monitored and supervised. Any group wishing to do fundraising anywhere on campus must have a financial account established with Student Services, Inc., located in 259 Sykes Union. 

For further information regarding these guidelines, please visit Sykes Student Union.

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