Telephone Services

The University does not provide telephone service for campus residents within their room, suite, or apartment.  Residents in need of service should arrange for a personal cell phone. 

The University business telephones, known as restricted telephones, are for official University business only. All restricted telephones are for intra-campus calling. Personal calls (tolls) must be made through other means (cell or internet phones). No collect calls should be accepted on any University lines.

Charging telephone calls back to any University telephone is strictly prohibited. This type of call will be thoroughly investigated by the University and the telephone company and will be treated as a fraud case. Because the telephone equipment is a public utility, tampering is a misdemeanor and punishable by a $500 fine and/or imprisonment.

Any student who receives harassing or annoying telephone calls should report these to Public Safety and the residence hall or apartment complex staff as soon as possible. All cases will be investigated and any student responsible for making these types of calls will be subject to all appropriate University regulations and civil and/or criminal laws.

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