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Establishing and Registering Student Organizations - Procedures

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Establishing and Registering Student Organizations - Procedures

SGA Approval Process

As an initial step, students interested in forming a new student organization on campus should meet with the assistant director of student leadership and involvement. The assistant director (or designee) will review the policies and procedures required for establishing a new group on campus. The assistant director is located in 238 Sykes Union. Appointments can be made by phone: 610-436-2117. If the group is a proposed sports-related club, the assistant director of campus recreation will be invited to participate in the meeting. If the group is a proposed new fraternity/sorority, the director of fraternity & sorority life will be invited to participate in the meeting. After the meeting founding members of proposed groups should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Secure an adviser for the organization, the adviser must be a full-time faculty, administrator or staff member.
  2. Fill out the Request to Organize Form online. Download and print the form to acquire the proposed adviser's signature. Submit the form to 238 Sykes Union.
  3. Create an OrgSync portal for the proposed organization using this classification: New Organization-In Progress.
  4. With permission provided by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, recruit membership and begin to work on formation of by-laws. Organizations must have five interested and active members for recognition. Sports-related organizations must have ten.
  5. Draw up a constitution/set of by-laws for the organization that models the master copy provided online. Groups may make additions but may not remove portions of the blank by-laws.
  6. Submit the required materials to the SGA Parliamentarian in the SGA office. Packets must include nine hard copies of the by-laws and a list of the members and their student ID numbers must be included.
  7. The SGA Parliamentarian will offer the interest group an opportunity to present the constitution to the By-Law Review Committee on a date mutually agreed upon by involved parties.
  8. Upon approval of the By-Law Review Committee, groups in-progress will be invited to the SGA General Assembly meeting to present your by-laws and an overview of the proposed organization. SGA Senate will either approve or deny recognition and by-laws.
  9. After the by-laws are accepted, the organization is placed on probation for one calendar year. At the end of the probation period, barring any problems, the organization will be formally recognized by the SGA Senate. The organization is also responsible for updating the organization's portal on OrgSync with approved by-laws and membership rosters.This organization portal must be updated by May 1 of each year to maintain the student organization's official status.

Registration Policy

To ensure an accurate listing of all student organizations and advisers, the University requires all student organizations to register formally with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement in 238 Sykes Union by updating their organization's OrgSync portal by May 1 of each calendar year. To be an official student organization at West Chester University a group must

  1. be officially approved by SGA through the formal student government approval process;
  2. agree to abide by the University policies and regulations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct;
  3. have an official adviser who is currently a full-time faculty, administrator, or staff member at the University;
  4. register with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, 238 Sykes Union via their OrgSync portal. In addition, a copy of the organization's current by-laws must also be uploaded to their OrgSync portal as well as an updated membership roster. Every year, that is, on an annual basis, all organizations are required to register with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement by May 1. Any changes in officer and/or adviser information that occurs during the academic year must be changed on the organization's OrgSync portal.

Please note that student organizations that do not register or keep their OrgSync portal updated with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement will lose their status as a recognized group on campus. Loss of recognition precludes any group from financial assistance, use of University facilities and services, and using the name of West Chester University to represent the organization.

Adviser Responsibilities

The role of your group's faculty/staff adviser is important to the success of a campus organization. Some of the responsibilities may include, but are not be limited to, the following:

  1. Familiarity with all applicable University regulations, as well as any applicable federal, state, or local laws and ordinances in order to provide advice to student members.
  2. Regularly attending general organization meetings and committee meetings of the organization.
  3. Helping to organize fair election of officers.
  4. Assisting in the installation and training of new officers in order to provide guidance and continuity.
  5. Assisting in the administration of organizational financial affairs. Special attention should be given to the monitoring of all organizational bank accounts per the SSI Financial Guidelines on expenditures.
  6. Assisting in planning special programs and special events.
  7. Meeting regularly with organizational officers to discuss goals and direction of the group.
  8. Assisting with the recruitment and selection of new members and overseeing the process by which students become full members.
  9. Being available to members wishing assistance or counsel.
  10. Assisting in establishing procedures for discipline or even expelling members for just cause, if necessary.
  11. Ensuring accurate registration of the organization with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement by May 1 of each year on the organization's OrgSync portal.
  12. Work with members who might be struggling academically and provide them with information concerning the academic support systems that are available.
  13. Understanding that faculty/staff advisers to student organizations are University officials that qualify as Campus Security Authorities (CSA) and must understand and comply with the Department of Education's Clery Act found in Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting (2011), pages 74-75 .
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