Student Organization Review Process

From the day you start this process until the day your organization is reviewed and recommended for recognition by the Student Government Association, this time period must not exceed longer than 2 years. If you go over that 2 year mark, your forming organizations’ files will be removed from our office. Should you choose to continue through the process, you will need to start from the beginning. This rule was implemented by SGA on January 31, 2017.

Step 1: Student Organization Research

Do your research to see what the 300+ student organizations we already have recognized at WCU offer ( Learn about our organizations, read their missions statements, and reach out to executive board members should you have any questions.

If there is a similar established organization already in existence, we encourage you to first consider combining your efforts with the previously existing group.  You will be asked in your SGA presentation how your forming student organization would serve a different population that our current recognized organization(s) are serving.

Step 2: Meet with University Staff
Meet with the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) Leadership Consultant (LC). Please email, and they will direct you to the correct individual.

If you are interested in a sports-related club a Campus Recreation representative must also be present. If you are interested in a social fraternity or sorority then Cara Jenkins Sullivan, Senior Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, is the person you need to talk to.  She can be reached at

At the meeting, you will go over all steps of the SGA review process.  It is important to note that your forming student organization cannot act like a recognized WCU student organization until you become recognized. Acting like a WCU student organization (with the privileges such as: using WCU in your name, stating you are a student organization, hosting events other than informational meetings, etc.) prior to receiving your recognition letter from the Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee can impact whether SGA chooses to recommend your organization to be recognized.

Step 3: Secure and Confirm your On-Campus Faculty/Staff Advisor
Identify an advisor for your organization. Your advisor needs to be a full-time WCU faculty or staff member. Temporary faculty/staff are eligible.  Advisor responsibilities to discuss with your potential Advisor can be found here.

Step 4: Officially Begin the Review Process by filling out your Request to Organize Form
FALL 2020 Semester: After it is complete and submitted electronically, download the form, print a copy and have your advisor email Jennie Yost,, from their WCU email address, to officially accept their Advisor role. It is important to note the recognition process does not officially begin until the Advisor sends their official email. The electronic form you submit via RamConnect and the hard copy form officially create your digital and hard copy files for your club.

When the Office of SLI receives your signed Request to Organize Form, SLI will send you a letter via email acknowledging that it is on file on that the process has officially started.  In addition to alerting SGA of your existence as a forming club, this letter will give you the following privileges:

You may book University space (please follow FAQ procedures for COVID-19 updates to booking of in-person University space.  It is encouraged that you hold these information meetings virtually) to hold a MAXIMUM of three informational meetings in Sykes Student Union (based on availability). Staff in Sykes will receive the letter as well. (NOTE: You may not use these meetings for special events, programming, fundraising, or “open house” style events. Only meetings related to formation are allowed.)

For remote semesters: we will post your forming club’s recruitment advertisement on RamConnect’s main newsfeed.

For in-person semesters only: The office will print you up to 100 copies of one (8.5”x11”) black and white flyer on colored paper. You may email the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement staff to print (Jennie Yost, Please give a 24-hour grace period for completion of printing. Flyers cannot be printed in color.

You will have access to the guidance of an LC to help you throughout the process of becoming a recognized student organization. The LC can answer any questions you might have about forming a new group, recruitment, leading meetings, creating by-laws, generating marketing materials, etc., anything that a University recognized group might have questions about.  The Leadership Consultant for 2020-21 in this role is: Nate Hayes,

Step 5: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!
Use your requested space to organize meetings/ information sessions and gather other interested members. General student organizations require 5 members, while sports-related clubs require 10.

Step 6: Approval from Sports Club Council PRIOR to the Student Government Association*
*For sports-related organizations ONLY. General organizations can skip this step. 

To be recognized by the Sports Club Council, proposed organizations are required to make a formal presentation at a Sports Club Council meeting. The following documentation is required for the presentation:

1.       Proposed roster of undergraduate student participants, class status, and student ID number
2.       Proposed budget which will include National Affiliation Dues and individual club dues, all expenditures and revenue generation
3.       What local/regional/national affiliation the club will join
4.       The name, address, phone number, and email of proposed Advisor AND Volunteer Coach
5.       Proposed practice times, game times, location and facilities desired for on campus practice and games
6.       Listing of other institutions in and around Philadelphia metro area who are potential competitors or league members for the proposed club.
7.       Proposed Constitution and By-laws.

  • To get on the agenda of the Sports Club Council meeting, please contact, Mike Reno, Assistant Director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs, at 610-436-6928, 010 Student Rec Center, or  He will work with your group and the Council to find a time to get you into their meetings.
  • Once the Sports Club Council accepts your proposed Club, then you will enter the review process for SGA.  You will submit the materials approved by the Sport Club Council to SGA as described below. 

Step 7: Organize Your Packet and By-Laws
Please find a blank SGA By-Law Template here.
You may not remove sections of SGA’s blank by-laws, but you may make additions.  Once you have completed your by-laws, you will complete the following steps:

Submit (1) copy of your DRAFT by-laws and (1) copy of your roster (name, WCU email address and proposed Executive Board positions/member position of all members) to the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement electronically to both the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, and the SGA Parliamentarian. It will be time-stamped upon receipt so groups are recognized on a first-come, first-served basis. 
The SGA Parliamentarian for 2020-21:  Maeve Dowd,
The Office of SLI Contact for 2020-21: Jennie Yost,

a.       PLEASE NOTE: A group must have at least 5 undergraduate students listed to be considered for recognition, and (4) of them must be in the SGA-approved Executive Board positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  

b.      Sports-related clubs require 10 interested undergraduate students.

c.      Because they do not pay the student activity fees, Graduate students may only be included on a roster beyond the above undergraduate requirements, and are not eligible to hold Executive Board positions.

Step 8: Schedule and attend your By-Law Review Committee Meeting
The SGA Parliamentarian will present your by-laws and roster to the By-Law Review Committee (BRC), and invite a representative from your club into their meeting to speak on behalf of the proposed student organization. Invitations will be communicated via email and extended by the SGA Parliamentarian only. All BRC and related meetings are encouraged to be held virtually for the Fall 2020.

The By-law Review Committee will decide the following based on the conversation:

o    By-laws passed without change: You will be invited to Senate (see below)
o    By-laws passed with minor changes: If you send the changes to the Parliamentarian and submit a hard copy via email, you will be invited to Senate (see below)
                Make sure you make those changes or you will get held up at this point of the process.
o    By-laws not passed. Documents requiring major review will be scheduled for another review meeting time. Invitations are based on the other groups currently in-process.
o   The designated category (Academic/Professional, Special Interest, etc.) of your organization (only one SGA-approved category for each organization is permitted).

Step 9: SGA Senate Review and Approval Vote for Consideration of Recognition
Once your by-laws are approved, you will be invited to the SGA Senate floor for a formal vote to recommend your organization for forward movement to VPSA, or designee, for final University recognition.

Attend the Student Government Association Senate Meeting 
The SGA Parliamentarian will invite representatives from your organization to the floor of the Senate.  Members of your club will give a brief presentation about the purpose and function of the club. Typically, a brief PowerPoint presentation is created by the incoming group to help with the appearance.  This presentation should highlight:

  • State the purpose and function of the club
  • List the SGA recognized student organizations you could be seen as similar to. Highlight the ways in which you would be different and serve a different population of students whose needs aren’t currently being met.
  • List the number of undergraduate students on your membership roster.
  • Senate will vote on the status of your club or organization.
  • If you are approved, an email, on behalf of the Student Government Association, will be sent to the President of your organization and to alert the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. A formal hard-copy letter of recognition will be emailed to the Senior Leadership Consultant assisting in the transition from forming organization to recognized organization. 
  • • SGA and the VPSA or designee, not the Office of SLI, grants final approval of student organization recognition. Once the Student Government Association receives your packet, the process is in their hands. At this stage, all questions should be directed to 2020-21 SGA Parliamentarian: Maeve Dowd, SGA office hours are posted on the door of the SGA office (Center for Student Involvement, 217 Sykes Student Union) or you can call the SGA office at 610-436-2956.
  • If you are successful, an email, on behalf of the Student Government Association, will be sent to the President of your organization and to alert the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.  Student Leadership and Involvement will coordinate with the VPSA or designee the final approval and wherein recognition of your organization.

Step 10: Recognition granted by VPSA or designee; meet with Senior Leadership Consultant Staff
Our Senior Leadership Consultant Staff will do the following:

·         Walk you through setting up your RamConnect portal and a brief training on the system

·         Introduce you to 25Live Room Reservation system

·         Help you establish an SSI financial account

All registered organizations are required to have portals on RamConnect. Think of the database as a “Facebook for clubs and organizations at WCU.” Creating your portal now will allow you to add/update other pieces as you work on the formation of your club.

BEFORE YOU MEET: Have available the name and contact info of your Executive Board members and your advisor.  Also have available a brief club description and basic info about your club.

·         Log in to RamConnect using your traditional WCU credentials.

·         If you are a new user, you will set up your initial profile.  All users of the portal will have to go through this process as well upon their first login attempt.

·         Any change in your roster, Executive Board, general information, etc. must be current in RamConnect at all times to remain in SGA compliance.

Once approval is given by the General Assembly of the Student Government Association and Vice President of Student Affairs, and you have successfully met with our Leadership Consultant staff, you are considered a recognized student organization on a one year probationary review period.   Organizations approved within the previous spring, or current fall semester, when the budgeting process begins, shall be eligible to apply for up to $300 in funding for their first probationary year.  Meet with the SGA Treasurer as soon as possible after recognition to satisfy budget training seminar requirements.



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