Student Government - A Welcome Message

On behalf of the Student Government Association, we would like to congratulate you on becoming a Golden Ram and offer a warm welcome to West Chester University! WCU is a wonderful institution and we are excited to have you as a new member of our campus community and family! 

 As the largest university in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, WCU offers a wide variety of opportunities. My favorite way to immerse yourself in these opportunities is to get involved    through our student clubs and organizations. With over 290 student organizations, spanning a wide variety of interests and activities, there is truly something for everyone! Our organizations are unique because they offer students the opportunity to build lifelong friendships while also developing important leadership and professional skills. In my time at WCU, I’ve found that you may learn just as many skills through your co-curricular involvements as you do in the classroom.

The Student Government Association is the governing body for most organizations on campus.  In addition to governing organizations, the SGA is also tasked with representing the collective interests of the student body. If any students have opinions, comments, or concerns regarding WCU, the SGA acts as an outlet to ensure their voices are heard and acted upon. The Student Government Association meets every Tuesday at 7:15 PM. Because these meetings are open to the public, we welcome and encourage any and all students to join us!

As you embark on your journey at WCU, I encourage you to be willing to try. Try out a new hobby, try approaching someone new, try reaching out to professors or upperclassmen, try to get involved in a club you’ve never heard of before, try to go after that competitive internship, try to learn, lead and reflect. Be willing to try because you have no idea what could come from it. As a Golden Ram, you have a world of opportunities in front of you. As a Golden Ram, you are a member of an entire community of support and guidance. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, I promise you that as long as you are willing to try, something good will always come from it.

I hope that you all take advantage of your time at WCU and enjoy every last minute of it. I wish you all the best of luck at WCU and beyond.


Molly Scollo
President - Student Government Association 2020-2021
Accounting Major
213 Sykes Student Union

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