Student Activities - An Overview

Location: 236 Sykes Student Union
Phone: 610-436-3037, 610-436-3540
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

Student Activities at West Chester University encompass a wide range of cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs for a diverse student population. As a part of the Sykes Student Union & Activities team, Student Activities takes a leadership role in organizing and sponsoring joint or individual projects as part of its mission. One major role centers on the advisory relationship with the Student Activities Council (SAC), the major student programming body on campus.

 The Student Activities Council plans many events such as film screenings, concerts, off campus trips, national and cultural entertainment, live performers, and campus traditions including Homecoming and Banana Day. Student Activities also plays a vital role in coordinating Ramboree, an annual outdoor music festival in the Spring, and helps plan Rams After Hours, a weekly, late-night programming series.

Students can engage in campus life through participation and involvement in campus activities and student organizations. All students have an opportunity to attend campus events and join the Student Activities Council to become part of the event planning and implementation process. Students are encouraged and have the opportunity to assess all programming, making sure that the products presented serve their best interest and personal development.  Leadership roles are always available; these opportunities to be active can become one of the more enriching experiences while at WCU. Becoming involved builds individual self-esteem and a sense of community – two important qualities that enhance a student’s life.


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