Skates, Skateboards, and Bicycles

It has been found that mixed usage of sidewalks and parking areas promotes hazardous conditions.

It is the responsibility of the University administration to reduce hazardous conditions, whenever possible. As a result, the following policy has been adopted.

It shall be prohibited for anyone to use, ride, propel, or otherwise operate a skateboard on the public sidewalks and parking lots of West Chester University.

All University parking lots are to be used for the sole use for which they were designed: parking. Ramps, goals, and other stunt-type devices may not be used in any parking lot.

Bicycles and skates are permitted on University property for the sole purpose of transportation and must be operated in a safe manner and under control. Bicycles and skaters must yield to pedestrians at all times.

Exceptions to the guidelines may be granted in appropriate circumstances by the director of public safety at the direction of the University administration.

Failure to comply with the skate, skateboard, and bicycle guidelines will result in administrative or judicial action by the University and may result in prosecution under Pennsylvania Criminal Law, in appropriate circumstances, by the Department of Public Safety.

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