Residential Living Policies and Procedures

The Residence Life program at West Chester University is designed to be an integral part of the educational experience. Its primary focus is student development. Through programs, policies, and procedures, the staff provides students with the opportunity to maximize their potential while living in any housing facility. Efforts are made to integrate academic and out-of-class learning in order for students to develop a balanced and realistic approach to life.

Although students come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds, each residential community is based on the understanding that all resident students have both rights and responsibilities. In order to ensure the most productive residential environment, the Offices of Residence Life and Housing Services and University Student Housing have established expectations of all students living in or visiting housing facilities. For complete policy information, please refer to the electronic publication entitled “The Residence Life and Housing Services Policies and Procedures".

For policies specific to University Student Housing, please visit USH Communities or review the lease agreement.