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West Chester University
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Honors College

Location: 703 S. High Street
Phone: 610-436-2996
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The University provides to outstanding students the opportunity to participate in a challenging honors curriculum and to receive recognition at commencement when they complete the requirements.

Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, the Honors College is a cross-disciplinary curriculum designed to develop students' intellectual abilities, become creative problem solvers, build character, and foster a commitment of lifelong learning that can develop the leaders of the 21st century. Membership is competitive and based on maintenance of a cumulative 3.25 GPA, regular enrollment in honors courses, and service to the campus community.

The core curriculum (for incoming first year students) consists of 27 hours of cross-disciplinary core courses surrounding the theme of community investment and leadership development that, along with a course drawn from mathematics or the sciences, fulfills the University’s general education requirements. Certification for honors is achieved by the completion of these core courses, a minimum of two upper-level honors seminars, and a capstone project. Seminars are special topic courses that rotate on a semester basis and include such subjects as “Leadership in South Africa,” “The Human Experience of Play,” “The Rhetoric of Poverty,” “Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship,” “Peer-Assisted Learning,” and “DNA and the Social Construction of Race.”  The capstone project allows students to put theory into practice by inviting them to identify and investigate a problem in a community business, nonprofit agency, or research laboratory, and then work to solve the problem.

The Honors Seminar Certificate Program is available for students who did not enroll in honors during their first year at the University. Admission to this aspect of the program affords students all related privileges of honors membership and requires completion a minimum of 12 hours of 350/400-level honors seminars for full certification.

The college provides optional housing in an honors residence hall. An Honors Council, which includes both faculty and students, advises the college.

Further information about the Honors College - requirements, offerings, housing, and the extracurricular activities of the Honors Student Association is available on our website.

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