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Dining Services

Location: Lawrence Center, First Floor
Hours: 9am-5pm (office hours)
Phone: 610-436-2730
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All students residing in a North Campus residence hall must be on the University meal plan as a condition of occupancy. Students with medical issues who cannot meet this requirement may request a meal waiver by contacting the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services or set a meeting with the executive chef to develop a personalized menu for the student based on his/her dietary needs. Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services directly for more information. Residents of the South Campus Apartment Complex, The Village and East Village, and the College Arms Apartments, as well as off-campus and commuting students, may purchase any meal plan offered or dine in the Lawrence Center Dining Hall at the student casual meal rate. Additionally, all on-campus dining locations accept cash, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), flex dollars, and Ram Bucks.

All meal plans are weekly plans that guarantee a set number of meals per week throughout the entire semester based on the chosen plan. The meal week runs from Saturday brunch through Friday late night. With these plans, the meal-plan holders can choose to use as many or as few of the meals they have every week. Any unused meals roll over into the next week's allotment throughout the semester. However, any unused meals that have accumulated at the end of the semester will be forfeited and will NOT roll over into the following semester.

The following plans are available to all students and the cost for each plan includes $250 in flex.

  • The Ram Ultimate Meal Plan: includes unlimited access to Lawrence Dining Hall and up to three Meal Cash Credit (MCC) swipes per day.
  • The Gold Plan: includes 14 meals per week.
  • The Purple Plan: includes 12 meals per week.
  • The WCU Plan: includes 9 meals per week.

The following meal plans are only available to WCU students residing either off-campus, in the South Campus Apartment Complex, The Village and East Village, or College Arms Apartments.

  • The Off-Campus Plan: includes 7 meals per week and $250 in flex.
  • The Flex-Only Plan: A $100 minimum is required to open an account, and additional flex dollars can be added in $25 increments. Flex dollars will carry over from year to year but will be forfeited upon graduation or if the meal plan holder leaves the University.

Additional information

  • The Ultimate Plan provides the student with unlimited access in Lawrence Dining Hall.
  • Meal Cash Credit (or MCC) is a part of all plans so that students can get the full value of their meal plans while experiencing everything their dining membership has to offer. MCC is a $5.47 value that is used in place of a standard meal and applied toward the purchase cost of items in all retail locations. For example, if you go to Starbucks and your total comes to $5.70, you can use an MCC (thus subtracting one meal from your allotted amount) and pay the remaining $0.23 from your flex dollars or other payment options. You can use up to two MCCs per transaction in our retail dining facilities. Certain products cannot be purchased with MCC (see the location for specifics).
  • Rollover: We have two rollover programs for meal plans.
    • Flex rollover: Any unused flex does roll over from semester to semester AND year to year. However, any flex remaining on a student's account will be forfeited upon graduation or if the meal plan holder leaves the University
    • Meal Rollover: Any unused meals will rollover from week to week, but meals DO NOT carry over from semester to semester. Any unused meals remaining on the student's account at the end of the semester will be forfeited.
  • All Meal Plans come with five guest meals per semester, which the student can use to treat someone to a meal at Lawrence Dining Hall. Guest meals are not redeemable at any retail location and must be used in the semester they are assigned.
  • If the student's flex dollars are running low, additional flex can be added to the student's account in $25 increments by visiting the Bursar's Office at 25 University Avenue, which accepts cash, check, or money orders.
  • Meals may be used in the following locations: Lawrence Center Dining Hall, the Diner, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Larry's Market (on specific items), Clubhouse POD, Ram's Head Food Court (on specific items), POD Express locations in Main Hall, Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center and the E.O. Bull Center (on specific items), and Starbucks (on specific items). All locations also accept cash, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), flex dollars, and Ram Bucks. Students in North Campus residence halls have their meal plan cost included in their University bill. Students not selecting a plan will automatically be assigned the 14-meal plan. Off-campus, commuter, South Campus Apartment/The Village/East Village, and College Arms students can sign up for a meal plan by applying at the Bursar's Office at 25 University Avenue. Any meal plan changes must be submitted online or to 202 Lawrence Center no later than 4pm on the Friday of the second week of the semester. After that deadline, the associate director of housing and dining administration must approve any change requests.

Please see our website for more information on the meal plans, dining locations, a list of meal zones, MCC, hours of operation and frequently asked questions.

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