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Deans, Chairpersons, and Academic Department Telephone Numbers

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West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-1000

Deans, Chairpersons, and Academic Department Telephone Numbers

(As of November 10, 2017)

NOTE: For building prefixes, please view the Emergency and General Information Telephone Numbers page

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean (Interim) Dr. Jack Waber AND 122 x3243
Associate Dean for Science and Mathematics Dr. Vishal Shah AND 119B x3521
Dean's Assistant for Student Issues Dr. Lisa Marano AND 119A x2459
Assistant Dean, Office and Budget Manager Ms. Rebecca Grisillo AND 121B x3244
Anthropology/Sociology Dr. Heather Wholey OLD 102 x2556
Biology Dr. Giovanni Casotti  SSN 175 x2538
Chemistry Dr. Melissa Cichowicz SSN 119A x2631
Computer Science Dr. James D. Fabrey UNA 150 x2204
Earth and Space Sciences Dr. Joby Hilliker MER 211 x2727
GVT Political Science Dr. Linda Stevenson RUB 205 x2743
Mathematics Dr. Peter Gildden UNA 101 x2440
Physics Dr. Anthony J. Nicastro MER 108 x2497
Psychology Dr. Sandra Kerr PEO 03 x2945

College of Business and Public Management

Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean Dr. Anthony Wheeler   x2930
Associate Dean (Interim) Dr. Lori Fuller BPMC 309 x4973
Assistant Dean Ms. Cindy Cheyney BPMC 308 x3423
Accounting Dr. Richard Barndt BPMC 408 x3460
Criminal Justice Dr. Mary Brewster BPMC 507 x2647
Economics/Finance Dr. Orhan Kara BPMC 408 x3460
Geography/Planning Dr. Dottie Ives Dewey BPMC 505 x2343
Management Dr. Evan Leach BPMC 404 x2304
Marketing Dr. Paul Arsenault BPMC 407 x2304
Public Policy and Administration Dr. Jeremy Phillips BPMC 505 x2016

College of Education and Social Work

Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean Dr. Kenneth D. Witmer REC 302 x2321
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Accreditation Dr. David Lamont REC 302C x2321
Associate Dean for Partnerships and Faculty Development Dr. James Capolupo REC 201 x4402
Counseling and Educational Psychology Dr. Eric Owens GBC 102 x2559
Early and Middle Grades Education Dr. Heather Leaman REC 105B x2944
Literacy Dr. Diane Santori REC 108B x2877
Educational Foundations and Policy Studies Dr. John Elmore WAY 902 x2958
Social Work Dr. Travis Ingersoll 114 W. Rosedale x2527
Graduate Social Work Dr. Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak REY 107 x2664
Special Education (Interim) Dr. Beatrice Adera REC 304A x2579

College of Health Sciences

Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean (Interim) Dr. Scott Heinerichs HSC 204 x2825
Associate Dean (Interim) Dr. Melissa Reed HSC 205 x2938
Communicative Disorders Dr. Cheryl Gunter CAR 406 x3401
Health Dr. James Brenner HSC 207 x2931
Kinesiology (Interim) Dr. Craig Stevens HSC 206 x2610
Nursing Dr. Cheryl Monturo Exton x4181
Nutrition Dr. Christine Karpinski HSC 222D x2125
Sports Medicine Dr. Katie Morrison HSC 215 x2119

College of Arts and Humanities

Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean (Interim) Dr. Jen Bacon SMB 110D x2489
Associate Dean Dr. John Esser SMB 110B x2420
Associate Dean Dr. Hyoejin Yoon   x2420
Art Dr. Peggy Hill EOB 133 x2872
Communication Studies Dr. Denise Polk MAIN 512 x2500
English (Interim) Dr. Rodney Mater  MAIN 531 x2822
Languages and Cultures Dr. Mahmoud Amer MIT 223 x2700
History Dr. Robert Kodosky AND 309B x2201
Philosophy Dr. Matthew Pierlott AND 108 x2841
Theater and Dance Dr. Harvey Rovine EOB 119 x3463
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Simon Ruchti MAIN 143 x2584
Department Chairperson Department Office Phone
Dean (Interim) Dr. Christopher Hanning   x4178
Applied Music (Interim) Dr. Emily Bullock SMB 237 x4177
Theory/History/Comp Dr. Robert Maggio SMB 330 x2739
Music Education Dr. Marci Major SMB 250 x2739


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