Off-Campus and Commuter Services

West Chester University’s Department of Off-Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) supports equitable access to curricular and co-curricular experiences and institutional resources, regardless of a student’s place of residence.

OCCS is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that connects off-campus and commuter students with the university and the larger West Chester area community through intentional engagement opportunities to support institutional retention and graduation goals.

West Chester University’s Department of Off-Campus and Commuter Services will be a nationally recognized model for providing exemplary engagement, educational, advocacy, and empowerment opportunities to support off-campus and commuter student success.

OCCS shares the Division of Student Affairs values of Accountability, Collaboration, Student Development, Learning, and Social Justice. We further identify the following values as core to our work:

  • Accessibility and Equity : We value the right to programs, services, and engagement opportunities regardless of place of residence.
  • Active Citizenship : We value making a positive difference and caring about our community and the places in which we live.
  • Community Partnership : We value mutually beneficial partnerships both within the campus community and the larger West Chester area to accomplish shared goals.

The Department of Off Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) recognizes the values statement of West Chester University and its Division of Student Affairs.
Services provided for students include but are not limited to:

  1. Information about finding off campus housing
  2. Listings of available student housing options
  3. How to successfully move and live off campus courses
  4. Information regarding transportation and parking services
  5. Support of free Student Legal Aid
  6. Campus and community events

Additionally, this office serves as a community resource agent for the University and local government in areas related to off campus and commuting students. . OCCS advises the Off-Campus and Commuter Association (OCCA), a student organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of those living off campus. Services provided by that organization include weekly meetings, free legal aid service, social activities, and representation on campus committees.

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