Advertising Policy

To ensure that the advertising on campus informs the public, enhances the campus environment, and adheres to all University policies, student organizations must follow these procedures when they advertise their programs:

  1. Advertising must be approved before being posted:
    1. The Information Desk at Sykes Student Union accepts three flyers that the staff will post on bulletin boards throughout the building.
    2. Residence Halls. Approval for posting is obtained through the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services in 202 Lawrence Hall. Bring flyers to 202 Lawrence for approval. Residence Life staff will assume responsibility for posting approved flyers in appropriate locations throughout the residence halls.
    3. Academic/Administrative Buildings. Approval for posting is obtained through the building administrator’s office for each respective building. Posting in buildings is only permitted on designated bulletin board space. Advertisements posted on walls, doors, etc. are immediately removed by the Custodial Services Department. The list of contacts for academic/administrative building approval appears below.
    4. Outdoors
      1. Banners over Church St. at the corner of University Ave. need to be approved by the West Chester Borough Council since this is not University property. An application (available from the director of student leadership and involvement in 238 Sykes Union) must be filed 30 days in advance. Once the approval is granted, a copy of the approved permit, which includes a sketch of the design, must be submitted to the director of student leadership and involvement so arrangements with the University's maintenance department can be made to hang the banner.
      2. No approval is needed to post advertisements on public gazebos (e.g., by Ruby Jones). Posters and signs are not permitted on the exterior or interior surfaces of the bus stop shelters except on bulletin boards mounted inside the shelter.
      3. Advertisements are not permitted on garbage cans, benches, trees, and/or exterior walls or doors of buildings.
      4. "Chalking" of sidewalks or any other surface is prohibited.
      5. Signs on stakes placed on University grounds must be approved in advance by a Sykes Union administrator who will coordinate placement of advertisements with the Grounds Department.
  2. Other General Procedures:
    1. Advertisement depicting alcohol use, abuse, sale, or distribution is prohibited.
    2. In accordance with the University's Civility Statement, advertisements must respect the human rights and personal dignity of individuals. Therefore, advertisements that demean others on the basis of race, lifestyle, religion, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation or gender are strictly prohibited. In addition, advertisement by West Chester University student organizations should be complementary to the mission of the University and adhere to community standards of civility and good taste.
    3. The official West Chester University logo, seal, and Ram logo may not be used without permission from the Office of Publications, Printing and Editorial Services, located in 13/15 University Avenue, 610-436-2231.
    4. Advertisements that will be going to external and/or off campus publics must have the prior approval of the Office of Public Relations and Marketing located in 13/15 University Avenue, 610-436-3383.
    5. All advertisements must be removed from bulletin boards and other campus locations within 24 hours of the event.

      All officially recognized student organizations at West Chester University are obliged to comply with University policies; therefore, violations of this "Advertising Policy" could jeopardize a student organization's recognition status on campus.
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