Technology Fee

This mandatory instructional fee will be used to: acquire, install, and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies for the purpose of enhancing student-learning outcomes; provide equitable access to technology resources; and ensure that State System graduates are competitive in the technologically sophisticated workplace.

  • Undergraduate Full-time in-state (12 or more credits)$239.00 (flat rate)
  • Undergraduate Full-time out-of-state (12 or more credits)$364.00 (flat rate)
  • Undergraduate Part-time in-state (1-11 credits)$20.00 (per credit hour)
  • Undergraduate Part-time out-of-state (1-11 credits)$30.00 (per credit hour)
  • Graduate/Doctorate in-state$28.00 (per credit hour)
  • Graduate/Doctorate out-of-state$40.00 (per credit hour)
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