Perkins/Nursing Loans

Contact Information:

Jeanne Read, Perkins Loan Manager
25 University Ave, Room #62
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-436-2554
Fax: 610-436-3049

Exit Interview

  • A Perkins Exit Interview is required prior to graduation or if your enrollment drops below half time.
  • Complete your interview at: Heartland/


  • Repayment begins 9 months after graduation or if your enrollment drops below half time. Your monthly payment will vary based on your original loan amount and repayment period (up to 10 years).
  • If your payment is missed, late or less than the required amount, you may be charged a late fee and any collection costs. Late charges accrue until your payments are current.
  • WCU collaborates with Campus Partners/Heartland ECSI (1-800-334-8609) for billing and repayment of Perkins Loans. On-line payments can be made at: Heartland/
  • Checks mailed directly to WCU must be clearly marked “Perkins” and include borrower’s last name and last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.
  • All information regarding Perkins Loan disbursement and repayment is reported to a national credit bureau.
  • As a recruiting incentive, the United States Department of Defense may repay a portion of your Federal Perkins Loan. You may qualify if you have enlisted in: United States Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, or Air National Guard. Contact your recruiting officer for details.


  • If you are temporarily unable to meet your repayment schedule, you may qualify for a deferment or forbearance to delay payments on your loan.
  • To receive a deferment, you must apply through WCU. Please contact the Perkins Loan Manager at 610-436-2554.
  • If you qualify for a deferment, no payments are necessary and no interest accrues during that period.
  • If you do not qualify for a deferment, you may be granted forbearance for a specific period of time. During forbearance, your payments are postponed or reduced; however, interest continues to accrue.
  • Forbearance may be granted in 6 to 12 month intervals for up to three years. You must apply in writing for forbearance through WCU or Hearland/ Supporting documentation is required.
  • You must continue making scheduled payments until you are notified that deferment or forbearance has been granted.

Certain circumstances might lead to your loan being forgiven, cancelled or discharged. For more information go to forgiveness cancellation.

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