Chargeback Reporting Information

Use the Chargeback Expense Report on the iServiceDesk to view a listing of the TMA work orders that were charged to an SAP cost center of your choice.

Your Chargeback Expense Report will include the following charges from the Operating tab of your BI Report:

  • Work order charges for labor in commitment item 820905
  • Work order charges for parts in commitment item 820700
  • Sales Order charges in commitment item 820600
  • Motor Pool rental charges in commitment item 820400 (it does not include tolls and monthly charges for permanently assigned vehicles)

You may choose to export this information in Word, Excel or PDF.

Expenses are charged on a monthly basis, typically by the 16th of the following month, regardless of the status of the work order.
If you have any questions regarding your charges, or if you need corrections made, please call Sue Miller @ x2442, or Leslie Blum @ x2444 in Facilities Management.

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