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Motor Pool is the hub for everyone's vehicle rental needs & services on West Chester University's campus!


University-Sponsored Travel Requests:

WCU owns and operates a limited fleet of rental vehicles to accommodate faculty, staff and student-employees for university business and travel needs. Rental vehicle offerings include sedans, mini-vans, cargo van, trucks, and full-sized vans. Daily and weekly reservations available.

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Larry, Brian, and John

The Motor Pool/Maintenance Garage staff are responsible for maintaining nearly 100 vehicles and more than 200 pieces of equipment on WCU’s campus. The Maintenance Garage handles all facets of vehicle and equipment repair as well as operations that include maintaining facilities for four types of fuel used in vehicles, a full-service vehicle rental program, driver safety program and supporting snow removal activities. The staff is very proud of WCU’s efforts in green transportation, which started in 1998 with the adoption of clean burning Compressed Natural Gas for vehicles and continues with the recent addition of electric vehicles.

Larry Krackov, Supervisor

Larry Krackov, Supervisor | Larry has been guiding the WCU Motor Pool and Maintenance Garage since 2001 and working in the automotive repair industry in Chester County since 1986. A “jack of all trades and master of none,” Larry has experience in many facets of auto, truck, and equipment repair and has held a PA vehicle inspection license, Automotive HVAC certification from MACS, and ASE Master Technician certification.

John Schaefer, Mechanic

John Schaefer, Mechanic | John has been an integral part of the Motor Pool/Maintenance Garage staff since January 2018. Before that, he spent a sizable part of his 25 + years as a professional technician at leading dealerships throughout Chester County, most recently here in West Chester. John has extensive fabrication skills, having built, and restored several vintage and collectible cars. John has earned multiple ASE certifications and completed GM Factory Training programs as well as an Automotive HVAC certification from MACS and is a licensed PA Safety Inspection mechanic.

Brian Ensor, Mechanic

Brian Ensor, Mechanic | Brian arrived in July 2021, and has 25 + years of “can do” attitude solving problems with vehicles and grounds equipment alike. Learning equipment repair from his father, and spending years at a local dealership has prepared Brian for the many different challenges at WCU. Brian is experienced in all types of car and truck repairs, including CNG powered vehicles, while attaining GM’s World Class Technician status and ASE Master Technician certification. Brian holds Automotive HVAC certification from MACS and is licensed both as a PA Safety and Emissions Inspection mechanic.



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