Life on Campus: Residence Halls and Housing

By Aaliyah Daviston, Class of 2021Aaliyah Daviston

Hi! My name is Aaliyah Daviston and I am senior this year at West Chester University. Throughout my time at West Chester, I have learned so much about this school from student services to activities and to navigating the Borough. The area that I have gotten extremely familiar with is residence life. At WCU, I have been able to live in many different style dorms and apartments while on campus, and I also have been able to work within Residence Life and Housing Services, so I have become very knowledgeable on all things to do with housing! I’ll briefly explain the differences among the housing styles at West Chester and my favorite parts of them.

  • Traditional - this is a basic two-person dorm like the ones you see in movies. These dorms offer communal bathrooms and air conditioning in all rooms. I loved living in traditional because my roommate ended up being one of my closest friends at WCU!

  • Affiliated - these dorms are newer on campus and offer suite-style living for up to six roommates, which can be very fun. I loved affiliated since I was able to have my own room and share a bathroom with only one other roommate. Affiliated also has gyms and yoga studios in each building. 

  • The Apartments - I've been living in the traditional apartments on South Campus for the last year and have loved every moment of it. I love being able to have a living room and kitchen that I only have to share with a few girls. Also, living on South Campus is great because the sunsets always look gorgeous and the land is very spacious. 

Regardless of where you choose to live on campus when you come to West Chester, you will always have amazing options to choose from. I hope this helps you get a better look into living on campus at West Chester University! 


Aaliyah Daviston is a senior Criminal Justice major with a minor in Business Law. During her time at West Chester, she has been a Resident Assistant, Desk Assistant, and is currently a University Ambassador and Peer Mentor with the Lawrence A. Dowdy Multicultural Center. 

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