Conversation Partnerships

How to choose the right conversational partner for you:

  • Go to the WCU Writing Center home page and click make an appointment
  • From there you can click on appointment times with tutors to read their bios
    • Do you have things in common?
    • Do they share your interests?
  • Choose a time that is convenient for you with a person you are interested in having a conversation with

What to bring to your first session with a conversational partner:

  • An idea of what you want to talk about
    • Common interests you share with your conversational partner
    • Things to do in town
    • Advice on places to go/things to do

You can continue to explore/build connections by meeting with the same conversational partner or scheduling sessions with new partners until you find the right fit for you.

Maintaining a partnership:

  • Once you've built a connection with a conversational partner, you can begin making regularly scheduled visits that are convenient for both of your schedules.
  • If your partner is comfortable with doing so, you can schedule times to meet outside of the Writing Center.
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