Administrative Information

Addendum Copy throughout this online catalog that appears in green type was added after the printing of the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog and is effective for the 2014-15 academic year, which began July 1, 2014.

Academic Affairs
Special programs and services available to undergraduate students.

Academic Calendar

Academic Policies and Procedures
Procedures, policies, definitions governing undergraduate students.


Admission to West Chester University
How and when to apply, policies and procedures associated with admissions.

Boards involved in the governing of the University, including the Board of Governors, the Council of Trustees, and boards of directors for the Fund for West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester University Foundation, and WCU Alumni Association.

Campus and Facilities
A description of the campus, highlighting a few key features including the geology museum, observatory/planetarium, and library.

Catalog Index

Communications Directory
Useful phone numbers, accreditation information, and policies on nondiscrimination and sexual harassment.

Course Prefixes
A listing of course prefixes and their respective departments.

Degree Requirements
General Education requirements common to all baccalaureate programs.

Tuition rates, fees, and refund policies.

Financial Aid
Sources of financial aid and how and when to apply.

Honors and Awards
Listing of honors and awards, primarily awarded to faculty, but also including honorary degrees and presidential medallions awarded at commencement exercises.

Introducing West Chester University
An introduction including the University's history, location, and driving directions.

Mission, Values, and Vision Statements

Programs of Study and Course Offerings
A listing of course prefixes and their respective departments.

Structure of Academic Affairs
Listing of departments within their colleges.

Student Affairs
Services available for students, including information on University housing, activities coordinated by the Division of Student Affairs.

Table of Contents

Undergraduate Programs
Degree programs available to undergraduates.

University Administration
Listing of university administrative personnel, including vice presidents, deans, directors, and managers.

University Faculty
Listing of university faculty, including senior administration and adjunct faculty.

Weather Alert Notification
The University's policy for storm closings and snow days.

Revised May 2014
The provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and the University. West Chester University reserves the right to change any provisions or requirements at any time.