President Dr. Greg R. Weisenstein
Executive Deputy to the President Mr. Lawrence A. Dowdy
Director, Social Equity Ms. Barbara Schneller

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Linda L. Lamwers
Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. R. Lorraine Bernotsky
Associate Vice President for Planning and Academic Administration Dr. Vernon B. Harper, Jr.
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Lori Vermeulen
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (Interim) Dr. Hyoejin Yoon
Dean, College of Business and Public Affairs Dr. Michelle Patrick
Associate Dean, College of Business and Public Affairs (Interim) Dr. Dorothy Ives-Dewey
Dean, College of Education Dr. Kenneth Witmer
Associate Dean, College of Education Dr. George Drake
Associate Dean, College of Education (Interim) Dr. Sally Winterton
Dean, College of Health Sciences Dr. Linda Thompson Adams
Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences Dr. Raymond Zetts
Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Dr. Timothy V. Blair
Associate Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Dr. John Villella
Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services Dr. Idna Corbett
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and
University Registrar
Mr. Joseph Santivasci
Assistant Vice President for International Programs (Interim) Dr. Peter Loedel
Director, Academic Development Program Dr. Marie Brunner
Director, Admissions Ms. Marsha Haug
Director, Business Technology Center Mr. Thomas Pavelchek
Director, Financial Aid Mr. Dana C. Parker
Director, Institutional Research Ms. Lisa Yannick
Director, Learning Assistance and Resource Center Ms. Gerardina L. Martin
Director, Library Services Mr. Richard Swain
Director, Pre-Major Academic Advising Center Dr. Joanne Conlon
Executive Director, Teacher Education Center Dr. James Price

Vice President for Administration and Finance Mr. Mark P. Mixner
Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services Ms. Bernadette Hinkle
Associate Vice President for Human Resources Mr. Michael T. Maloy
Executive Director, Facilities Design and Construction Ms. Dolores Giardina
Executive Director, Facilities Management Mr. Greg Cuprak
Director, Accounting and Financial Reporting Mr. Kevin P. McCadden
Director, Budget and Financial Planning Ms. Colleen Bradley
Director, Business Services Ms. Marianne Peffall
Director, Custodial Services Mr. Mark DeLucia
Director, Environmental Health and Safety Ms. Gail Fellows
Director, Facilities Financial and Support Services Ms. Sue Miller
Director, Plant Operations Mr. Bob Bollinger
Director, Public Safety Mr. Michael D. Bicking
Director, Student Financial Services (Bursar) Mr. Daniel Pauletti
Manager, Grounds and Support Services Mr. Daniel Nece
Manager, Payroll Operations Ms. Marlene Civitella-Vining

Vice President for Advancement and Sponsored Research Dr. Mark G. Pavlovich
Associate Vice President for Sponsored Research Dr. Gautam Pillay
Director, Alumni Relations Ms. Tracey Dukert
Director, Conference Services Ms. Mary Beth Kurimay
Director, Cultural and Community Affairs Mr. John Rhein
Director, Public Relations and Marketing Ms. Pamela Sheridan
Director, Publications and Printing Services Ms. Cynthia A. Bednar
Director, Venue Management Mr. Chris Nelson
Director, Technical (Venue Management) Mr. Todd Williams
Manager, Graphics and Printing Mr. Robert McGuckin

Vice President for External Operations Dr. Christopher Fiorentino
Executive Director, Distance Education Dr. Rui Li

Vice President for Information Services Mr. Adel Barimani
Special Assistant to Vice President for Information Services Dr. James Fabrey
Director, Administrative Computing Mr. Patrick Lenzi
Director, Client Support Services Ms. Treiva Dungee
Director, Content and Web Services Ms. Kimberly Slattery
Director, IT Strategic Sourcing and Planning Ms. Chaw-Ye Chang
Director, Networking and Telecommunications Mr. Joseph Sincavage
Director, Technical Support Services Mr. JT Singh

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Matthew Bricketto
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Sara Hinkle
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Thomas Purce
Assistant Dean of Students Ms. Mary Ann Hammond
Assistant Dean for Student Involvement (Interim) Mr. Peter Galloway
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
for LGBTQA Services/Special Projects
Ms. Aneesah Smith
Director, Athletics Dr. Edward Matejkovic
Director, Athletic Development Mr. Kenneth Glenn
Director, Campus Recreation Dr. Stephen Gambino
Director, Career Development Center Ms. Rebecca Ross
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services Department/Counseling Center Dr. Julie Perone
Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life Ms. Cara Jenkins
Director, Student Health Services Ms. Mary Ann Hammond
Director, Housing Services Mr. Peter Galloway
Director, Office of Student Conduct Ms. Lynn Klingensmith
Director, Multicultural Affairs Mr. Jerome Hutson
Director, New Student Programs Mr. Jared Brown
Director, Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services Ms. Sandy Brown
Director, Residence Life Ms. Marion McKinney
Director, Service–Learning and Volunteer Programs Ms. Jodi Roth
Director, Sports Information Mr. Jim Zuhlke
Director, Student Leadership and Involvement Mr. Charles Warner
Director, Sykes Student Union Mr. David Timmann
Director, Women's Center (Interim) Ms. Alicia Hahn-Murphy
Student Services Incorporated, Executive Director Ms. Mell Josephs
Student Services Incorporated, Bookstore Manager Mr. Steve Mannella
Student Services Incorporated, Coordinator, Campus Activities Mr. Barrett McGee