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The Kinesiology Departartment has undergraduate programs in Health and Physical Education and Exercise Science. The Department Chair is Dr. Frank Fry and the Secretary is Ms. Karen Sisofo.  

Physical Address:
318 Sturzebecker Health Science Center 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Department Assistant

Supervisor Contact Information
Dr. Matthew Cummiskey
(610) 430-4199
Dr. Frank Fry
(610) 436-2260
Position Responsibilities:
Data Analysis, Data Input
Involves the following:
This position will provide general assistance with:
Screening lesson plans and entering data into related files.
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
Over the course of several semesters, the department has collected exemplar lesson plans and assessments from student teachers. At present, the total number of lessons and assessments is 4342. The data will be reviewed by the faculty member. Once the project is completed, the best-practice activities will be posted to my website (http://thenewPE.com) for the benefit of any majors here and practicing health and physical education teachers. Prior to the start of the project, the student worker(s) would be trained in terms of the criteria for inclusion of activities in the data set.
Learning Outcomes:
The experience will expose student workers to a great varieity of high caliber lesson plans. These plans are pivotal to success as a teacher and also promote student learning. Student workers will also get additional training in terms of how to evaluate lesson plans and what works and doesn’t work in the field. Additionally, they will be able to cite a valuable work experience on their resume few peers will have.