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Frederick Douglass Institute

The Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI) is an academic unit of WCU that is committed to preserving the legacy of Frederick Douglass on our campus. FDI achieves this objective through student support in the form of scholarships and programming on contemporary and historical issues related to the life, work, and legacy of Douglass. 

Physical Address:
408 Francis Harvey Green Library, West Chester University of Pa., West Chester, Pa. 19383 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Student Employee (Pay Band 1)

Supervisor Contact Information
Timothy Golden
(610) 430-4423
Linda Lamwers
(610) 436-3405
Position Responsibilities:
Customer Relations, Data Input, General Office, Office Ambassador, Post Office, Social Media
Involves the following:
• Confidential or sensitive data/information
• Handling financial, student or personnel data/records
This position will provide general assistance with:
Undergraduate Student Worker Job Description The principal obligations of the undergraduate student worker in the Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI) are, generally, to assist in the day to day operations of FDI.
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
Specifically, day to day operations of FDI may include, but are not limited to the following: making room reservations for FDI events, retrieving and sorting campus mail, delivery of correspondence to and pick up from various academic departments, attending FDI events to distribute programs and other materials, and perform other needed tasks at those events such as ushering. When needed, the undergraduate student worker will also be available for any other tasks necessary to further the mission of FDI.
Learning Outcomes:
The student will learn the basics of work responsibilities and leadership skills. They work in an environment conducive to the development of skills in both of these areas. Moreover, the student is free to use the FDI office as a place for study, thus contributing to their overall academic development.