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Library - Access Services - Interlibrary Loan

The InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Department borrows articles and loans them to our patrons, and also provides copies of articles and lends books to requesting libraries. 

Physical Address:
FHG Library, Room #133 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Student Assistant (Pay Band 2)

Supervisor Contact Information
Tracie Meloy
(610) 436-3454
Jennifer O'Leary
(610) 436-2380
Position Responsibilities:
Customer Service, Data Input, General Office, Library
Involves the following:
• Confidential or sensitive data/information
• Handling financial, student or personnel data/records
• Possessing keys/codes or other means of entry to spaces within university offices or student housing
This position will provide general assistance with:
Student employees work under staff supervision. They collect journals and books, scan and send journal articles, package and send items to the appropriate UPS locations, and package and send regular mail to our out-of-state schools. Student workers also open received packages and process certain items through Illiad.
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
Students working in this department must be trained to use the following equipment and software: large overhead book scanners, Global 360 scanning software, Diva scanning software, ILLiad, Rapid ILL, Odyssey Helper, Voyager, and UPS Worldship client. These various programs interconnect and are crucial to the department work flow. Morning duties •Locate loan requests and pull requests from various floors. •Locate journal articles and pull journals. •Scan articles and send by appropriate methods to requesting institutions. Afternoon duties •Package and send mail by USPS. •Package and send requests by UPS. •Return Journals to appropriate aisles. •Scan and send articles from afternoon requests. •Open UPS deliveries and take to Circulation Department. GENERAL SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES DESIRED: Strong work ethic. Reliability is a must. Friendly. Great customer service attitude. Strong communication skills. Computer comfort and knowledge is very helpful. Ability to work with basic office equipment. Enthusiastic and positive attitude. Ability to be organized and pay attention to detail. Be mature. Attentive listener. Ability to complete goals and task assigned. Ability to work with minimum supervision. Open to suggestions and growth.
Learning Outcomes:
Students learn to take initiative and to follow through with projects. They learn to be detail oriented as we have specific item numbers and addresses as well as sending methods in our department. They learn to communicate as they must interact with the ILL staff and other students to let them know on a daily basis about any problems or additions to the workload in the department.