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Special Activity Project - Dr. Monica Lepore

The RAM initiative is a new program at West Chester University, bringing students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-24, to campus in very small numbers (initially 1-2 per year, capping at 6-10 after 5 years), to participate in a two year inclusive post-secondary education experience. The RAM initiative is ‘inclusive’ in that RAM students would learn, live, and interact with all students, faculty, staff and administrators on campus, not in segregated environments. 

Physical Address:
Lawrence Center Rm. 222 West Chester, PA 19383 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Student Employee (Pay Band 3&4)

Supervisor Contact Information
Bruce Norris
(610) 436-3486
Monica Lepore
(302) 229-3707
Position Responsibilities:
Student Mentor
Involves the following:
• Confidential or sensitive data/information
• Handling financial, student or personnel data/records
This position will provide general assistance with:
Academic support within a classroom on campus during class for a student with an intellectual disability. Academic coaching and tutoring for homework and reports with a student with a disability Social and extracurricular coaching and support for student with intellectual disability such as going to club meetings, fitness center, social events related to WCU. Reporting to RAM program director on progress of students towards goals. Serving as an advocate for the student with intellectual disabilities at WCU Serving as a job coach on and off campus in job placement for internships
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
Learning Outcomes:
*Student workers will gain skills in handling diversity *Student workers will gain skills in implementing instructional strategies for teaching, especially in special education *Student workers will gain skills in higher education advocacy *Student workers will gain skills in interpersonal relationships and relationship development *Student workers will gain skills in mentoring related to health, wellness, and fitness *Student workers will gain skills in oral and written communication with writing progress notes