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Dr. Mahrukh Azam Headshot West Chester University media relations managers are happy to assist journalists with interview requests for this expert. Call 610-436-3383 or email HSchwarz@wcupa.edu

Dr. Mahrukh Azam

Professor; Department Chair

College of Sciences and Mathematics - Chemistry


Dr. Mahrukh Azam's area of research is studying the four stranded G-rich quadruplex (GQ) DNA. The DNA sequences with GQ-forming potential are found throughout the genome and at the telomeric ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. Recent biological studies suggest that GQs might have important biological functions directly related to cancer, thus quadruplexes have emerged as a novel therapeutic target for the development of anticancer drugs. Design and use of novel small-molecule ligands that can bind to and stabilize, and/or facilitate the formation or interconversion of various types of GQs has become an area of high interest for Azam.


  • B.S., Punjab University, Pakistan
  • M.S., Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • M.S., Seton Hall University
  • Ph.D., Seton Hall University