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Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC)


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Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC)

Dr. Josh Auld

Andrea Grinwis
Academic Affairs Programs and Policies Manager


Course, program, and policy proposals are reviewed in the appropriate committee (list below), discussed at a meeting of the CAPC Executive Committee, and then brought before the General Assembly.

(2018-2019 CAPC Member Terms)

2018-2019 CAPC Executive Committee

2018-2019 CAPC Members by Committee

Academic Review Committee

  • Elizabeth Pfaffle: Chair
  • Richard Burns, Course Review and Revalidation Chair
  • Sami Abdel-Salam, Low Enrollment Advisory Chair
  • Julian Onderdonk, Program Review Chair
  • Jade Burris
  • Patricia Davidson (proxy for Nadine Bean)
  • Michael Holik
  • Simon Ruchti
  • Liz Staruch

General Education Committee

  • Carol Smith: Chair
  • Shawn Pfeil, Distributive Areas Co-Chair
  • Matthew Pierlott, Distributive Areas Co-Chair
  • Joan Woolfrey, Ethics Chair
  • Andrew Sargent, Diverse Communities Chair
  • Karen Mitchell, Interdisciplinary Chair
  • Juliet Wunsch, Speaking Emphasis Chair
  • Justin Rademaekers, Writing Emphasis Chair
  • Jenna Becker Kane
  • Howell Bosbyshell
  • Jelena Colovic-Markovic
  • Valerian DeSousa
  • Rodney Mader
  • Dawn Patterson (proxy for Beatrice Adera)
  • Nancy Witmer
  • Scott Heinerichs, Dean (ex-officio)
  • Hannah Laboski, Undergraduate Student Rep

Graduate Programs and Policies Committee

  • Jeffery Osgood: Chair
  • Brian Bowen
  • Nicole Cattano
  • Clayton Garthwaite, Library Faculty Rep
  • Jackie Hodes
  • Whitney Katirai
  • Hyunsoo Kim (proxy for Melissa Reed)
  • Matthew Kruger-Ross
  • Michael Pearson
  • Jeremy Phillips
  • Matthew Snyder
  • Amanda Phillips (ex-officio)
  • Brent Ruswick (ex-officio), CPE Facilitator
  • Chamapuwa Tinago, Graduate Student Rep

Undergraduate Policies Committee

  • Francis Atuahene: Chair
  • Rebecca Chancellor
  • Melissa Cichowicz
  • Kevin Flynn
  • John Taylor
  • Elizabeth Urban
  • Ma Ga (Mark) Yang
  • Kathleen Howley, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Megan Jerabek (ex-officio), Director of Academic Records
  • Taylor Gibson Campbell, Undergraduate Student Rep

Undergraduate Programs Committee (UGPC)

  • Tabetha Adkins: Chair (Associate Provost for Student Success and Dean of the University College)
  • Francis Atuahene, UGPC Co-Chair
  • Joseph Moser, Culture Cluster Chair (proxy for Mahmoud Amer)
  • Michele Belliveau
  • Giovanni Casotti
  • Kevin Dean (proxy for Susan Johnston)
  • Teresa Donze-Reiner
  • Christine Karpinski
  • Matin Katirai
  • Sojung Kim
  • Taek-Yul (Ted) Kim
  • Brent Ruswick (ex-officio), CPE Facilitator
  • Rachel McMullin, Library Faculty Rep
  • Ann Lieberman Colgan, Non-classroom Faculty Rep
  • Allyson Drames, Undergraduate Student Rep

Course Review and Revalidation Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Richard Burns: Chair

Culture Cluster Subcommittee (reports to UGPC)

  • Joseph Moser: Chair
  • Matin Katirai
  • Rachel McMullin
  • Israel Sanz-Sanchez
  • Heather Sharpe

Distributive Areas Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Shawn Pfeil: Co-Chair
  • Matthew Pierlott: Co-Chair
  • Howell Bosbyshell
  • Jelena Colovic-Markovic
  • Tianran Chen (ex-officio)
  • Courtney Lloyd (ex-officio)
  • Metello Mugnai (ex-officio)
  • Ralph Sorrentino (ex-officio)

Diverse Communities Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Andrew Sargent: Chair
  • Dawn Patterson (proxy for Beatrice Adera)
  • Michelle Caler (ex-officio)
  • Adam Gumble (ex-officio)
  • Jocelyn Manigo (ex-officio)
  • Ronke Oke (ex-officio)
  • Patricia Swasey Washington (ex-officio)

Ethics Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Nancy Witmer: Co-Chair
  • Joan Woolfrey: Co-Chair
  • Tiffany Jones (ex-officio)
  • Liam Lair (ex-officio)
  • Cheryl Monturo (ex-officio)
  • Helen Schroepfer (ex-officio)
  • Jess Sullivan-Brown (ex-officio)

Interdisciplinary Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Karen Mitchell: Chair
  • Valerian DeSousa
  • Bruce Norris (ex-officio)
  • Heather Sharpe (ex-officio)
  • Jordan Stokes (ex-officio)
  • Ramona -Elena Stone (ex-officio)
  • Matt Waite (ex-officio)

Low Enrollment Advisory Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Sami Abdel-Salam: Chair

Program Review Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Julian Onderdonk: Chair

Speaking Emphasis Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Juliet Wunsch: Chair
  • Jenna Becker Kane
  • John Craig (ex-officio)
  • Jon Fowler (ex-officio)
  • Cheryl Gunter (ex-officio)
  • Meghan Mahoney (ex-officio) 
  • Matt Meier (ex-officio)

Writing Emphasis Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Justin Rademaekers: Chair
  • Michelle Blake (ex-officio)
  • Marie Bunner (ex-officio)
  • Ian Morrison (ex-officio)
  • Amy Pajewski (ex-officio)
  • Lex Rozin (ex-officio)
  • Diane Santori (ex-officio)
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