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Learning Assistance & Resource Center

224 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2535
Fax: 610-436-2600

Director: Jocelyn Manigo
Assistant Director: Kaitlyn Crouse
Clerical Support: Bernadette Forte 610-436-2535

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Courses Tutored

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Academic Development Program

Course Number Course Name
MAT-Q20/30 Fundamentals of Algebra
SPK-208 Public Speaking
WRT-120 Effective Writing I


Course Number Course Name
ACC-201 Principles of Accounting I
ACC-202 Principles of Accounting II

American Sign Language

Course Number Course Name
KIN 110/111 American Sign Language I/II
KIN 210/211 Intermediate American Sign Language I/II


Course Number Course Name
ANT 102 Introduction to Anthropology: Cultural


Course Number Course Name
BIO-100 Basic Biological Science
BIO-110 General Biology
BIO-230 Genetics
BIO-259 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO-269 Human Anatomy & Physiology II


Course Number Course Name
CHE-103 General Chemistry I
CHE-104 General Chemistry II
CHE-107 General Chemistry-Health Science
CHE-230 Introduction to Organic & Biological Chemistry
CHE-231 Organic Chemistry I
CHE-232 Organic Chemistry II

Computer Science

Course Number Course Name
CSC-110 Computer Science
CSC-141 Computer Science
CSC-142 Computer Science


Course Number Course Name
ECO-111 Principles of Economics (Macro)
ECO-112 Principles of Economics (Micro)
ECO-251 Quantitative Business Analysis I
ECO-252 Quantitative Business Analysis II


FRE-101 - FRE 202
Elementary French I through Intermediate French II


GER-101 - GER 202
Elementary German I through Intermediate German II


Course Number Course Name
HIS 101/102 History of Civilization I/II
HIS 150 The American Experience
HIS 151/152 History of the United States I/II


ITA-101 - ITA 202
Elementary Italian I through Intermediate Italian II


Course Number Course Name
MAT-101 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MAT-102 Math for Elementary Teachers II
MAT-103 Introduction to Mathematics
MAT-104 Introduction to Applied Mathematics
MAT-113 Algebra and Functions
MAT-115 Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry
MAT-121 Introduction to Statistics
MAT-131 Pre-Calculus
MAT-143 Brief Calculus
MAT-145 Calculus for the Life Sciences
MAT-151 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT-161 Calculus I
MAT-162 Calculus II


Course Number Course Name
MTC 112/113 Theory of Music I/II
MTC 114/115 Aural Activities I/II
MTC 212/213 Theory of Music III/IV
MTC 214/215 Aural Activities III/IV
MHL 210/211/212 Music History I/II/III


Course Number Course Name
PHI - 101 Introduction Philosophy
PHI - 180 Introduction to Ethics

Political Science

Course Number Course Name
PSC 100 U.S. Government and Politics
PSC 213 International Relations


Course Number Course Name
PSY-100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY-245 Stat. for the Behavioral Sciences
PSY-246 Research Method in Psychology


Course Number Course Name
PHY-100 Elements of Physical Science
PHY-130 General Physics I
PHY-140 General Physics II
PHY-170 Physics I
PHY-180 Physics II


Course Number Course Name
SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology


Course Number Course Name
SPA-101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA-102 Elementary Spanish II
SPA-201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA-202 Intermediate Spanish II
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