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The graduation process involves more than simply completing the requirements for your degree. It is the student's responsibility to initiate and complete the graduation clearance process. To assist you, use the following list but always defer to the Office of the Registrar's information given a discrepancy. You may always contact Mr. Norris should the need arise.

Graduation Checklist for Professional Studies

_____ Apply for graduation when you have earned approximately 90 credits, through the myWCU portal system. The steps to apply for graduation are:

Log onto myWCU and click on "Apply for Graduation"

  • Click on line for your Academic Program
  • Select the term and click on "continue"
  • Verify information and click on "submit application"

You will receive a confirmation message that looks something like this:
"You have successfully applied for graduation".

Please print this page for your records

Please follow the steps listed below to finalize your graduation.

  1. General Education Requirements
  2. Please check your WCU email account for notification in approximately 5-6 weeks.

  3. Major/Minor Requirements
  4. Please make an appointment with your academic advisor(s) to review your major/minor requirements

  5. Graduation Fee
  6. The graduation fee is $56. Please make arrangements in the Bursars Office, located in 25 UNA to pay your graduation fee.

_____ Schedule the following meetings to review your progress and identify unmet requirements or other issues that may impact your graduation:

_____ Professional Studies Academic Advisor

_____ Minor Advisor 1

_____ Minor Advisor 2

_____ Be certain that, upon the completion of your final semester, you have accomplished the following:

_____ Earned a minimum of 120 credits applicable toward graduation (Do not count developmental courses, repeated courses, etc.)

_____ Achieved a final Cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher

_____ Completed ALL Major Requirements:

_____ 48 credits of general education

_____ Completed the required number of writing emphasis courses

_____ Completed the 15 Credits of Major Breadth/Distributive Courses

_____ Completed at least 30 credits of Major Electives at the 300 + level

_____ Completed 27 additional credits of other major electives at any level

_____ Submit to your Academic Advisor a one page statement that describes why you selected the academic program you did, the connection of your chosen minors to the program, and your future plans.

_____Successfully complete at least two academic minors (at least one of which is from a Professional College)

_____ Pay off any outstanding debts to the university

_____ Complete all exit interviews and wrap-up activities associated with your financial aid.