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Bachelor of Science
Liberal Studies
Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies at WCU prepares the student for many exciting future opportunities! Students graduate demonstrating professional proficiency choosing from a range of available minors allowing the student's selected areas of study to reflect a customized plan of study.

If you have professional background already,
the BS in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies is for you!

In addition to General Education Requirements canidates for the BS in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies, are required to complete two minors including one from a designated professional area.

Click here to be directed to the list of minors offered at WCU.
(Please see department for requirements specific to each minor.)

Professional Area Minors include:
Accounting, Art History, Athletic Coaching, Business Geographics and Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Dance, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Elementary Education, Environmental Health, Exercise Science, Finance, Geography, Health Science, International Business, Jazz Studies, Music, Music History, Nutrition, Physical Education for individuals with Disabilities, Political Science, Professional Education, Public Management, Reading, Special Education, Studio Art, Theater.

Other points of interest:

  • There is no language requirement although many students choose a foreign language as one of their minor areas of study or take foreigh language as an elective.
  • Many Professional Studies Majors choose to take a third minor.
  • The BS Liberal Studies also welcomes students who have hit roadblocks in other disciplines.
  • Students need a minimum GPA of 2.0 to apply to Professional Studies.
  • All Professional Studies Students are assigned an advisor to assist them in completion of their degree at WCU.

For more program information, please contact Professor Bruce Norris via email To set up an appointment for in-person program information, change of major or your semester appointment, contact Professor Norris' administrative support at 610-436-3548.

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The Professional Studies program values:

  • Student Individuality and creativity in the development of their unique program of study;
  • Interdisciplinary Study which emphasize the everyday connections between fields of study;
  • Student Responsibility and Independence in taking ownership of their academic experience; and
  • Development of Transferable Skills that will enable students to succeed in their future endeavors.

Professional Studies Program Vision:

The Professional Studies Program will maintain and ensure a quality educational experience as developed by each of its students. It will be responsive to the needs of the university and its students. Matriculation through the Program will be an empowering experience as students assume greater control of their academic plan.

Professional Studies Program Mission Statement:

The Professional Studies Program at West Chester University enables students to create a unique, individualized academic program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The process through which the program is created encourages students to critically assess their personal skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, personal values and priorities as they plan their educational experience. The skills and abilities that are developed during the student's matriculation through their program of study will benefit them in their professional and personal lives.

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Professional Studies actually opens more doors than a student might realize. The key element upon which a Professional Studies student should focus is the diversity of skills and abilities they develop while pursuing this major. Employers in today's job market are looking for job candidates who can work collaboratively, can think on their feet, look at a problem from different perspectives, analyze it and come up with solutions, communicate effectively in both oral and written form, and think critically. In short, it prepares students to face the ever changing and ever challenging demands of today's workplace.

Students who wish to pursue graduate degrees or other post-baccalaureate degree opportunities might need to take additional coursework either within the undergraduate degree or later, in order to meet the admissions requirements for those programs.  When this is identified during advising sessions, the Program Advisor will assist the student in reviewing various options.

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