Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies

West Chester University

Youth Empowerment
and Urban Studies Program

110/109 Main Hall, West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Affiliated Faculty, Staff, and Student Groups

The following faculty, staff and students teach in the YES core and/or serve on the advisory board. This list may not be comprehensive, as faculty change each semester.

  • Ashley, Hannah (English, YES Director)
  • Atterbury, Kyra (Need In Deed)
  • Backer, David (Educational Foundations ∓ Policy Studies)
  • Bohrman, Casey (Social Work)
  • Brown, Eleanor (Psychology)
  • Butler,Michele(12Plus)
  • Campbell, Olivia (YES Alum)
  • Chiarelli-Helminiak, Christina
  • Cooke, Laquana (English Department; Digital Humanities)
  • Corbin, Gregory (AFSC)
  • Crossney, Kristen (Geography and Planning Department)
  • Delshad, Ashlie (Political Science Department)
  • DiLuzio, Emerson (YES Student)
  • Enns, Ryan (Westside Community Center)
  • Fabiano, Rebecca (FabYouthPhilly)
  • Flack, Adessa (RUCCAS Graduate Assistant)
  • Fuller, Will (POWER)
  • Garfield-Desphy, Nakyna (YES Student)
  • Gray, Nikole (YES Student)
  • Guzman, Sebastian (Sociology Department)
  • Hahn, Alicia (Center for Women’s and Gender Equity)
  • Hall, H. Bernard (English Department)
  • Hodes, Jacqueline (Educational Foundations and Policy Studies)
  • Huebner, Lisa (Women and Gender Studies Department)
  • Johnson, Dean (Peace and Conflict Studies)
  • Kuebrich, Benjamin (English Department)
  • McGinley, Vicki A. (English Department)
  • Mingo, Brittany (WCU Alum, School District of Philadelphia)
  • Odesina, Kolawole (YES Graduate Assistant)
  • Riley, Kathleen (Literacy Department)
  • Roth-Saks, Jodi (Director the Office Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs)
  • Saber, Lilah. (YES Student)
  • Simone, Dana (Geography and Planning)
  • Stevenson, Linda (Political Science Department)
  • Suaray, Khalil (YES Alum; Mastery Charter School)
  • Thames-Taylor, LaTonya (History Department)
  • Vu, Tan (PEC)
  • Woods, Mikhi S. (YES Student)