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YES has recently moved to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at WCU. In collaboration with our community partners, RUCCAS has been formed! The RUCCAS mission statement is 'To support the building of power for Southeastern PA metropolitan communities, specifically but not exclusively Global Majority/communities of color and low-income urban communities, through providing together new and mid-career urban community change professionals-- particularly urban youth workers, artists, and cross-sector racial and economic justice workers-- credential-bearing educational pathways and supportive, healing spaces and opportunities for renewal.' To learn more, visit our website RUCCAS.

January 2015--Words Are Your Roots: Profiles of Community Arts and Literacy Organizations in the City of Brotherly Love. 

Eli Goldblatt, Professor of English at Temple University, nationally-known poet and scholar of community literacy, writes about Words Are Your Roots: This is a collection you will savor if you care about the promise of children in Philadelphia.  I love the way the authors love the neighborhoods they have encountered, the people that they meet there.  Inequity isn’t just a word or a convenient bludgeon for one party to attack another; inequity is a lived experience that confounds our American dream of democracy.  Love expressed in creative action addresses the violence of inequality directly and effectively, as each chapter of this collection demonstrates.