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Dr. Kevin Dean

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Honors Courses

Membership in the Honors College enables students to enhance their strengths through a specially designed 27-hour core of cross-disciplinary courses that, with one additional course in both mathematics and science, meet general education requirements for honors students. Cross-disciplinary means that all courses in the core contain information drawn from a minimum of two academic disciplines.

A full list of honors courses can be viewed through the course catalog.

Capstone Project

Students will identify and investigate a problem in a community business, nonprofit agency, or research laboratory, and then work to solve the problem. It is expected that students play an active role in the problem-solving effort and contribute a minimum of ten hours each week to help solve the problem. Interaction with the CEO, senior officer(s) and/or senior investigators of the business, agency, or laboratory, will serve as leader models for student study. A final paper will require students to reflect on the 27-hour core of Honors course work and indicate how lessons from each of the classes helped inform the project. Additionally, attention in the final paper will address the project's sustainability. While projects are generally completed in the senior year, students may register for this course upon completion of the 27-hour core or by special permission of the Honors College Director.

Capstone Spotlight

John Heintz

The Coatesville Educational Connection is a tutor/mentor program designed to facilitate the thinking and learning process of high school students. Yes, we want the students to understand the material, but that is not enough; we want the students to understand why. Our purpose is to assist high school students in their academic endeavors by providing supplemental learning assistance through tutoring. The core values of the CEC include: fair education, equal opportunity, empowerment (both for tutors and tutees), and societal sustainability. Granted, a small tutoring center is a small difference, but a supplemental learning experience can leave a large impact; we are not trying to "teach" the students the information, but rather, we hope to help them understand how to learn. The ability to think critically in the context of mathematical tutoring is a universal and transferable skill for any facet of learning, and we hope to provoke critical thought in our students.

Alexis Stinson

Dance for a Chance Dance-A-Thon (D4AC) is a 16-hour dance-a-thon dedicated to providing students of WCU an opportunity to compete and raise money for a charity of their choice. Essentially pairs of students dance all day and night to win money to donate to their platform. D4AC raised over $1000 for the event through carwashes, bake sales, and sponsorships. The team spread the word to the student body by reaching out to organizations on campus as well as putting together flashmobs in Lawrence Dining Hall. The Luau themed Dance for a Chance 2012 gathered more than 50 volunteers and over 150 students during the event. Funds were donated to the Coalition of Children in Need Association, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, The Four Diamonds Fund, Our Little Roses, and The National Kidney Foundation.