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Jeffery Osgood

Dr. Osgood serves as the principal deputy to the Provost and represents her to the university community. As Deputy Provost, he advises the Provost on a wide range of matters of institutional importance, including operational and strategic planning. As the Provost’s second, he is responsible for maintaining meaningful relationships with the president, other vice presidents, and deans.  The Deputy Provost plays a critical role in promoting shared governance as a member of Deans’, Academic Affairs and President’s Councils, and the Curriculum and Academic Policies Council. As Deputy Provost, Dr. Osgood supports and provides leadership for the Office of Institutional Research, the Teaching Learning and Assessment Center, the University’s Libraries, and University College.

Dr. Osgood has primary responsibility for providing leadership in the areas of academic program and policy development, accreditation, assessment, faculty and staff development, program review, and serves as liaison with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

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