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SoTLA Conference


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SoTLA Conference

Wayne Hall 324
125 W. Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

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SoTLA Conference

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  • 4th Annual SoTLA Conference
  • Thursday, January 9th, 2020
  • Sykes Student Union
  • West Chester University
  • West Chester, PA

West Chester University's Fourth Annual Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (SoTLA) conference, hosted by the Academic Affairs Division, is focused on enhancing faculty members' scholarship related to assessment, classroom engagement, and online technology within the higher education community.  Organized by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Center and the Office of Distance Education, the conference promotes the dissemination of research into our craft of teaching in higher education, demonstrating ways in which our scholarship and instruction can inform one another and center on the needs and goals of our students. 

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lisa Lucas - Cultivating Compassion

Start the new year by strengthening your compassion. Compassion is empathy in action. Compassion for others begins with self-compassion. Numerous research studies show that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing.

Think of compassion as a muscle that we all have, that we are born with and can bolster.  Dr. Lisa Lucas’s recent research explores how incorporating empathy and compassion into our own lives and into our classrooms can help reduce stress by fostering self-care and greater work-life balance. This provides the space for optimal teaching and learning. As a result, educators become present and more emotionally responsive, which positively impacts student engagement and achievement.

Dr. Lucas will share how teaching with empathy and awareness enables us to connect more authentically with our students.  Universities that establish a strong foundation of cooperation and trust are able to foster compassionate communities, which make cultural shifts more attainable. Compassion helps us navigate the never-ending interpersonal challenges we encounter on a daily basis. When we exercise compassion for others, we strengthen relationships, our perspective broadens, and we see endless possibilities. Compassion primes our minds for collaboration. We can practice compassion in the midst of teaching, advising, and while collaborating with our colleagues.

Conference Themes Include:

  • Course Design
  • Assessing Learning
  • Technology Tools for Teaching
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusions
  • Instructional Vitality: Ways to Keep Teaching Fresh and Invigorated
  • Engagement, Enhancement and Extension
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