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I received my Letter of what?

Your Letter of Accommodation (LoA) provides information to your classroom instructors about the accommodations you are entitled to receive.  It is your responsiblility to provide each of your classroom instructors with a copy of your LoA.  It is advisable that you meet with your professors during their office hours to give them a copy of your LoA, discuss your specific needs, and ensure a mutual understanding of your accommodations.  Your accommodations will be effective when you give your LoA to your professor

To request a modification to your accommodations, contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities; you may be required to submit additional documentation.  

Remember:  you need to request a new LoA for each semester.  During the last few weeks of each semester, the renewal binder for the following semester will be available in the OSSD...just stop in and add your name!

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaches are graduate students working toward a Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, education, or other related fields at WCU. Academic coaches work with students on academic and life skills that affect their coursework and their academic progress. Skills that academic coaches help to develop include self-advocacy, time management, organization, career planning, test-taking skills, study skills, writing skills, math skills, stress management, learning style assessment, developing goals and priorities.

Adaptive Technology

  • Audio Books: Companies like Learning Ally can provide many of your required readings as downloads to your computer.
  • Etext: An alternative to written texts for students who need a combination of print and or a more interactive text (larger font, more white space) or just the convenience of computer based texts.
  • Reading Technology: Programs like Kurwzeil and Read and Write Gold, which allow students to access etext or online material (including teacher notes) in a more useful way. Some programs offer notetaking help, built in dictionaries and the ability to listen to your own writing efforts.
  • Dictation Programs: Nuance has a variety of options for dictation software.
  • Notetaking Technology: Livescribe Smart Pens (among other programs) offer an electronic pen that records lectures and allows you to upload notes to your computer for editing. The accompanying notepaper allows you to keep track of your recording and create better notes.  For information about SmartPen maintenance and cleaning, visit the Livescribe website.
  • Alternate Texts: Alternate texts aid students with disabilities who have difficulty accessing traditional paperbound texts. Alternate texts are available in a variety of formats, most commonly: PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, and in some instances, mp3s. The OSSD is dedicated to ensuring equal access for students with disabilities. In order to be eligible for alternate texts, you must have appropriate documentation through the OSSD. Please use our alternate text request form to begin the process. You are required to use a WCUPA email address.

Useful Links

Proctoring Center

Students who receive testing accommodations should speak to professors regarding testing arrangements. When professors are unable to accommodate students in a classroom, students may use the Proctoring Center. Please see our Proctoring Center page for procedures.


Drop-in Hours are available for students registered with the OSSD. Drop-in hours are available for Academic Coaching, Writing Tutoring and Math Tutoring. Drop-in hours are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to change without notice. Stop in the OSSD and pick up a schedule.

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