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Early Alert Program


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Early Alert Program

214 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382



Request to meet with an Early Alert Consultant by clicking on the link below:


Course referrals come from your professors. This is their way of providing extra support for you outside of the classroom. If your professor feels as though you are at risk of falling behind in class, they will be able to, through a computerized system, refer you to this program.

Where do referrals go?

Students with a grade of C- or lower are identified by the professor and referred. Once students are referred, an email letter is automatically generated to the students informing them of their low grades for the designated course(s) and introducing them to program services. An email is sent to the Early Alert Coordinator, and graduate consultants working for the Early Alert Program make contact with the students. An email is generated to the students' advisors, informing them of their assigned students who are in academic jeopardy.

Academic difficulty in a college course can be contributed to various factors, and how you are handling your difficulty will either help or inhibit your success at West Chester University. Consider this program as your one-stop-shop for referral information.

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