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We’re happy to welcome you back to campus! Please use this webpage to transition back to campus this fall. You’ll note the menus below provide important categories of interest for faculty and staff. Additionally, you should direct Undergraduate and Graduate students to the other pages for information specific to them.

Health and Safety

Recommended Student Resources

Student Absence Process

  • If students are seen in Student Health Services, the provider gives them instructions on how to make the request to inform faculty of their absences through Student Assistance using request form.
  • The student completes the form and provides documentation.
  • Student Assistance office reviews the documentation for appropriateness and if it will result in 3 or more days of absences.
  • Student Assistance generates a computer-generated letter that informs the faculty of the student’s circumstances. The letter will only include the information the student authorizes to be released (i.e., specific details of illness or emergency).
  • This notification and process is optional. Students are welcome to communicate and share documentation directly with faculty to discuss absences and arrangements for work missed.

Reflection & Renewal

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