Social Skills Training

Ages: 4-15 years old

Groups are designed to teach individual goals in a small group setting and generalize mastered skills with typically developing peers. Our social skills groups are organized so children are matched with 2-4 other children demonstrating similar skill levels.

In a small setting the children learn and practice new skills. Social skill goals are taken from the child's current IEP as well as derived using a social skill curriculum survey (contact our office to have this survey mailed to you). The team will review the survey and IEP, determine initial goals, develop lesson plans to teach the skill, and collect data during each session to monitor progress and modify lessons if needed.

After the completion of the program, you will receive a data based report on your child's progress on all goals. This report can be used with your child's school program to help shape further goals.

NOTE: A number of schools have paid for our social skills program. Check with your child's school today!

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