Consultation Services

We offer consultative services to parents/families as well as to schools, daycares, and other service providers.

Parent/Family Services

IEP Review and Recommendations

The IEP process can be very overwhelming for parents. SPARC offers services to assist with this difficult and sometimes stressful process. A consultant will review the child's current IEP and develop recommendations appropriate for the student through observation and data collection.

Evaluations of Current School Placement

Federal law1 requires children to be placed in the least restrictive environment (LRE):

  1. To the maximum extent possible the student is to be educated with his or her general education peers
  2. A student should be removed from that setting only when the nature of his or her disability precludes an adequate educational experience even when supplementary learning aids are used.

It is often difficult as a parent to determine what is LRE for their child. SPARC assists with this process and provides a review of your child’s IEP, and recommendations based upon school observations, psycho-educational evaluations, and data analysis.

Psycho-educational evaluations

SPARC offers independent evaluations for families to assess their child's current intellectual, adaptive, and academic functioning. Depending on the need, assessment of the following areas may be included:

  • Intellectual
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Academic Achievement
  • Vocational
  • Reading

In addition, observations at school and academic related times (e.g., homework) can be completed as well as teacher interviews. At the end of the evaluation, a feedback session is held resulting in a comprehensive written report with recommendations. As needed, a functional behavior assessment (FBA) can also be conducted in addition to a psycho-educational evaluation.

(1) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 1997 & 2004,

Daycare/School/Service Providers Consultative Services

Student Assessments/Classroom behavior Management Plans

SPARC works with individual daycares, intermediate units, and schools to address the needs of children they identify as requiring services such as: behavior assessments, evaluations/diagnostics, behavior plans, academic planning, social skill planning, and functional communication. Additionally, SPARC can aid teachers, schools, daycares in designing classroom behavior management plans. These services are NOT restricted to individuals on the autism spectrum, and include, observations at school (and other locations, if applicable), a team meeting with all applicable personnel, data-based recommendations, and follow-ups (as needed).