Pre-Medical Program

West Chester University

Dr. Stephen J. Zimniski
West Chester, PA 19383

Philosophy of the Program

The West Chester University Pre-Medical program selects for admission those applicants who exhibit strong potential for achieving success in a health professional career; in addition to strong academic grades and SAT scores, evidence of experience in a relevant health care setting is expected. From the very beginning, you will receive individual guidance and support to help you realize that potential. Under these supportive conditions, you are removed form the destructive competition that you may experience in a pre-medical program where students must compete for the committee's recommendation to medical school. Instead, at WCU you can focus your energy and talents on working toward the positive goal of maintaining high standards of academic performance and engaging in meaningful extracurricular activities, in atmosphere conducive to friendship and cooperation among other students.

As a medium-sized school with small classes in almost all courses, West Chester University works to foster a close relationship between students and faculty. University faculty teach all classes, whether they be lectures, labs or recitations, which allows those faculty to be acquainted with students in and out of the classroom. In addition, our small pre-medical program is structured with seminars and information sessions so that we get to know each student well; consequently, we can offer each student the highly personalized academic assistance and career guidance needed to achieve his or her goal of medical (or other health professional) school admission.