Pre-Medical Program

West Chester University

Dr. Stephen J. Zimniski
West Chester, PA 19383

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Time of Application:

  • After 60 credits completed at WCU.

Standards of the Program:

  • Minimum total SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1250.
  • GPA of 3.50 or better.
  • Completion of 8 of the 10 required prerequisite courses in Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math.
  • Interview with and gain nomination from the WCU Pre-Medical Committee.
  • Complete successful interview at PSU Hershey Medical Center.

Program Timetable:

  • Interview with WCU Pre-Medical Committee at end of sophomore year.
  • Interview at PSU Hershey Medical Center during summer between sophomore and junior year.
  • AMCAS Medical School application is sent from PSU. Student is to complete it and return to PSU COM.
  • Admission to PSU COM upon completion of senior year at WCU.