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West Chester University

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Tara Easterling
205 Ruby Jones Hall


International Relations

Our Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in International Relations prepares students for a profession in the globalized 21st century. In the International Relations track of the Department of Political Science, students develop the knowledge-based, language, and professional skills necessary to participate effectively in this increasingly interdependent world.

Students need 18 credits

A. PSC 317 (Contemporary Intl. Relations) or PSC 320 (Us Foreign Relations)- 3 credits

    PSC 213 and PSC 240 should be completed prior to taking PSC 317 or 320.

B. Two courses from the International Group (6 Credits) (Courses in the 310-319 group or PSC 330 or    

     second course from above)

C. Two courses from the Comparative Group (6 credits) (courses in the PSC 340-349 group)

D. Any one additional course from A, B or C; Study Abroad course with PSC prefix; or PSc internationally

    -focused internship (3 credits)

E. Cognates: (15 credits)

    1.) Geography 101 (World) or 103 (Human)

    2.) History 101 or 102

    3.) Economics course under advisement

    4.) 2 additional "international-themed" courses (6 credits non-PSC)

Courses with "international focus"- with approval by advisor; can overlap with related courses for Culture Clusters, or related Minor, for example in Languages & Cultures, Peace & Conflict Studies, Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Business, Marketing, Finance, Geography, History.

Students are encouraged to take part in the annual EU simulation: Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation