Department of Political Science

West Chester University

Contact Info:
Tara Easterling
205 Ruby Jones Hall


Government and Politics

Our Bachelor of Arts, general concentration, is the most popular "track" in our department. This allows the greatest flexibility and is probably the one best suited to students planning to continue graduate studies in political science (unless they plan to emphasize international relations or public administration) and law school. The general concentration prepares students for careers in a number of areas, including advocacy, journalism, politics, business, public opinion and survey research, government service, and military service.

Students need 18 Credits

A. Two courses (6 credits) in the Institutional Area: PSC 350, PSC 352, PSC 355, PSC 359

B. Two courses (6 credits) in the Behaviral Area: PSC 301, PSC 322, PSC 323, PSC 325, PSC 329

C. Two additional PSC courses (6 credits) at the 300 level, including any not taken above 3 credits of internship(PSc 412) can be used in this area as well.

D. Cognates: (12 credits)

1.) Geo 101 or Geo 103

2.) SOC 200

3.) History 150, 151, 152

4.) An economics course under advisement

Minors related to this track include: Geography, History, Criminal Justice, Business, Marketing, Communications, Journalism, etc.