Department of Political Science

West Chester University

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Tara Easterling
205 Ruby Jones Hall


Dr. Peter H. Loedel


            Phone: (610) 436-3435 


Dr. Loedel is originally from San Diego California and received his university education in California. He is married with three kids and lives in Downingtown.


Dr. Loedel received his BA in International Relations and BA in Germanic Languages and Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After a short stint as an intern in Washington DC, Dr. Loedel returned to Santa Barbara to complete his MA and PhD in Political Science in 1994. He taught one year at the University of Utah and another year at the University of Puget Sound before coming to West Chester University.


  • The Promise and Reality of European Security Cooperation, co-edited with Mary

            McKenzie, 1998, Praeger Publishers.

  • Deutsche Mark Politics: Germany in the European Monetary System, 1999. Lynne Rinner Publishers.


  • The European Central Bank: The New European Leviathan?, 2nd edition, co-authored with David Howarth, Palgrave, 2005.

Dr. Loedel has also published articles in leading journals and book chapters on the subject of European monetary politics as well as teaching/pedagogy in the field of international relations.

Community and Other Service

Dr. Loedel is active on campus via a number of service and committee projects. He has been involved in Strategic Planning, Curriculum Agreements at the PA State level, Tenure and Promotion, as well as number of campus activities, including the Friar’s Society. He is also active and supportive of the Honors Council and the Honors Service Project: Aid to South Africa.

Classes Regularly Taught
Dr. Loedel teaches a wide variety of courses in the field of international relations and
comparative politics including:

International Relations; US Foreign Policy, European Politics, African Politics,
International Political Economy; and the European Union Simulation