Department of Physics & Engineering

West Chester University

Chair: Anthony J. Nicastro
127 Merion Science Center
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610.436.2497
Fax: 610.436.3013

Physics Tea & Seminars

Physics Tea: Thursdays at 3:00 pm in the Physics Library (Merion 125)

Join us each Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Physics Library (Merion 125) for Physics Tea. This is a social time for physics students and faculty to chat about physics, classes, grad school, and anything else! It's a great time to relax and see your professors and classmates in an informal atmosphere outside the classroom. Light refreshments are served.

Visitors are welcome, especially alumni and prospective students!

Physics Talks & Seminars: 3:30 pm in Schmucker Science North 191

Physics seminars follow tea most weeks during term. These tea talks range from research seminars to informal presentations on graduate school, industry, and outreach. Upcoming talks are listed below.

Spring 2018:

Date Talk
February 8 Study Abroad
Elizabeth McCarthy, Center for International Programs (WCU)
April 5 Physics Department 2018 Award Ceremony
Please join us from 3:00-5:00 pm in Phillips Hall as we honor the acheivements of our majors!
April 19 TBA
Dr. Jeffrey Sudol (WCU)
April 26 TBA
Dr. Kevin Aptowicz (WCU)

Fall 2017:

Date Talk
21 Sept. Career Paths in Physics [slides]
Dr. Anthony Nicastro, Chair, & Dr. William Sawyer (WCU)
5 Oct. Plasma Astrophysics in a Bottle: Heliospheric-Relevant Plasma Turbulence in the Laboratory
Dr. Daivd Schaffner (Bryn Mawr) & Carlos Cartagena (Bryn Mawr, WCU '15)
12 Oct. Discrimination and Inclusivity in the STEM Fields
Lynn Klingensmith (Director of Social Equity/Title IX and ADA Coordinator, WCU)
19 Oct. The Intersection of Engineering and Community Service
Sequoyah Walters (WCU)
2 Nov. Simulation of Light Scattering due to Atmospheric Aerosol Particles
Gabriel Seymour & Sequoyah Walters (WCU)
9 Nov. Coupling of Maxwell and Schrödinger Equations using Density Functional Theory and the Reimann-Silberstein vector
Haley Buckner (WCU)
16 Nov. Interaction of Size-Selected Gold Nanoclusters with Dopamine: A Computational Study
Eric Herrmann (WCU)
30 Nov. Introduction to research in gravity
Sean Crowe (Penn. State U.)