Astronomy Club

The West Chester Astronomy Club was started in 2010, spurred in part by students who participated in the International Year of Astronomy's "No Night Without a Telescope" event.

Purpose of the Club

The club was established to provide a means for students to hold meetings and activities related to astronomy. This includes:

  • Star parties on and around campus
  • Yearly field trips
  • Fundraisers for the club
  • Involvement in the WCU Observatory and Planetarium
  • Coordinates and assists with WCU astronomy-related outreach activities (NNWT, Philadelphia Science Festival, etc.)

Membership and Meetings

Membership is open to West Chester students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in joining the Astronomy Club, contact one of the club officers above. Meetings are held in Room 125 in the Physics Department in the Merion Science Center. Meetings and event times and dates will be posted on this site.

West Chester's Forecast

Current Moon

about the moon

Dr. Sudol

Dr. Sudol, an associate professor in the Department of Physics, uses one of the club's Dobsonion telescopes to hunt for Messier objects.

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