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Placement Test

**If you have not yet completed the math placement exam, please do so ASAP**
View instructions on how to take the placement exam. Until it is completed, you will not be able to enroll in a mathematics course. See the useful information links at the bottom of the page.

General Education Courses


The Department of Mathematics' general education courses aim to prepare students to communicate logically, become proficient at quantitative reasoning, and to think critically and analytically. The courses intend to enable students to deal comfortably with the basic notions of number and chance and to acquire mathematical tools to help reach their career objectives.

University Level Courses

Mat 101, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, develops students' understanding of the mathematics needed to teach elementary school. Topics include sets, functions, logic, the real number system, number theory, and problem solving. The course is mainly for early childhood, elementary education, and special education majors.

Mat 103, Introduction to Mathematics, is a liberal arts introduction to the nature and beauty of mathematics. Topics include logic, graph theory, probability, and decision theory. An additional topic is chosen from finance, geometry, and statistics.

Mat 115, College Algebra, Functions and Trigonometry, is a unified course in algebra and trigonometry. Topics include the study of polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions, systems of linear equations, and trigonometry.

Mat 113, College Algebra and Functions, is a thorough treatment of college algebra. Topics include polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions, systems of linear equations, and an introduction to linear programming.

Developmental Courses

Many students find that the reasoning required in the above courses is quite different from that of their high school courses and also find that their arithmetical and/or algebraic skills need strengthening. We offer, therefore, two courses, Mat Q20 and Mat Q30, described below, to help students prepare for university level mathematics courses.

Mat Q20, Prepatory Math is designed to strengthen basic arithmetic skills and to introduce the elements of algebra. Students, in general, are placed in Mat Q20 if their placement level on the Mathematics Department Placement Exam is 0. A student (other than an Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education major) must complete this course and the subsequent course Mat Q30 with a grade of C- before enrolling in a 100 level mathematics course. An Early Childhood, Elementary, or Special Education major with a placement level less than 1 on the Mathematics Department Placement Exam must complete this course with a grade of C- or better before enrolling in Mat101.

Mat Q30, Fundamentals of Algebra, aims at strengthening basic algebraic skills. A student (other than an Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education major) with a placement level less than 2 on the Mathematics Department Placement Exam must successfully complete this course with a grade of at least C- before enrolling in a 100 level mathematics course (see note below).

The Mathematics Placement Exam

The Mathematics Placement Exam was designed by the Mathematics Department to help determine the most appropriate mathematics course into which you will initially be placed. There are vast differences among mathematics courses taught at different high schools and so, this is a way to put all students on the same playing field as to which skills have been mastered and which still need to be developed. Previously, students were placed into their first mathematics course based solely on their Math SAT score. However, because the SAT score did not provide enough information about the level to which different types of mathematical concepts and skills had been mastered, we found that a number of students were being placed into incorrect mathematics courses. The placement exam we are now using is designed to be much more effective in this regard.

You must complete the Mathematics Placement Exam in order to enroll in your first mathematics course at WCU. This is true even if you have AP credit or credit from a different institution. The specific mathematics course you will take will depend on the requirements for your major.

The Mathematics Placement Exam is held online and requires a West Chester University account. You were automatically issued this account upon payment of your admission deposit. You need to initialize your password for this account before it becomes active. If you have not already setup your West Chester University Network account please visit Student Account or call the IT Help Desk at 610-436-3350 ext. 1.

Once your account is set up, go to the WCU homepage and log-in to D2L (the third of three possible log-in entries in the upper-right corner of the screen). Once you have logged in, a description of the mathematics placement exam will be the first thing you see.

The deadline for completing this exam is MAY 12, 2017 .

Useful Information

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